UFC Fighter Quotes: A History of He Said, She Said

By Sherdog.com Mar 20, 2016

To fight in the Octagon, you can’t just be a brute. You need levels of dedication and smarts to orchestrate your success, by being part entrepreneur, part scientist, part gladiator. There’s no school like the school of hard knocks, and we know how many of those hard knocks every MMA fighter dishes out and receives. It’s no small wonder then to hear witty, inspirational, or wise UFC fighter quotes. Here are some of the finest examples:

UFC Fighter Quotes: A History of He Said, She Said

Eddie Alvarez:

“In our quest for greatness we are never to be defined by our win or loss, only by how we conduct ourselves during our journey.”

Dominick Cruz:

“You can be a hater or you can just appreciate the gifts of certain people.”

Dominick Cruz:

“The happiest moment in my life was realizing that I didn’t need a belt to be happy.”

Enson Inoue:

"Victory is not merely your hand being raised at the end of a fight, but it’s much deeper than that. If you can enter the ring a better person than you were in your last fight, then it was a victory"

Frank Mir:

“As long as you are diligent, you train hard, you have heart behind what you are doing, success will come. You just have to keep marching forward.”

Tony Ferguson:

"The Road less Traveled might be difficult, but most likely is the best/right one. Opportunities exist when we create them."

Renan Barao:

"Some people say the sky is the limit, but it isn’t. You can always go further."

Ronda Rousey:

“Someone has to be best in the world. Why not you?”

Eddie Alvarez:

“Fighting for me is like a quest to find out who I am so I can get better. A quest to be better than I was yesterday.”

Claudia Gadelha:

“It’s all about energy. If your energy is good everything around you will be good also.”

Luke Rockhold:

"You live once…Why not live to be great?"

Rickson Gracie:

"Our fears don’t stop death, they stop life."

Urijah Faber:

“Dream big, stay positive, work hard and enjoy the journey.”

Holly Holm:

"Passion first, and everything will fall into place."

Georges St. Pierre:

“I always see myself through my opponent. It’s exactly like seeing yourself in a mirror. I’m facing a guy I share a lot in common with. We probably had the same kind of life. Like me he made tremendous sacrifices just to get there. If I’m disrespectful to my opponent, how can I respect myself?”

Conor McGregor:

“Always look to learn. Learning is something new is a great feeling. The feeling of progress.”

Matt Brown:

"I don’t think about the next round, I don’t think about the next punch, I don’t think about anything except the present moment. And that’s all that really matters. If you take care of what’s happening at the moment—same thing in life, it’s all a metaphor for life—you take care of the moment and then the next thing will take care of itself."


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