Update: Bias Under the Influence During Altercation with Police

By Greg Savage and Josh Gross Jan 23, 2008
Former Palace Fighting Championship featherweight titleholder Shawn Bias (Pictures) awoke from his coma Tuesday morning and was lucid enough to speak with family and friends, Sherdog.com has confirmed.

The 22-year-old fighter suffered an apparent heart attack Saturday following an altercation with police and later lapsed into a coma. After being placed under the care of the Oroville General Intensive Care Unit, Bias was also diagnosed with complete kidney failure.

Bias, who was given a 30-percent chance of surviving by doctors, remains connected to a dialysis machine.

George Adkins (Pictures), a training partner and close friend of Bias, told Sherdog.com that Bias was fighting for his life because Oroville Police Department officers Tasered the mixed martial artist up to five times and struck him repeatedly with batons.

According to a report Tuesday in the Chico Enterprise Record, police said Bias was shot with one round from a Taser stun gun. When he continued to struggle with up to three Oroville officers, Bias was Tased once more.

Bias was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and released for medical treatment at Oroville Hospital, the newspaper reported.

Bias could not recall full details of what took place, Adkins said.

A toxicology report showed Bias was under the influence of a controlled substance when he encountered police, the fighter's mother, Chris Bias, told the Enterprise Record. She declined to provide further details.

Citing police, eyewitness and medical personnel accounts, Adkins said Bias knocked on the door to the wrong party. Though Adkins said he was unaware of the reason, police were called to the scene. After finding his intended destination (another apartment in the complex), Bias purportedly went outside to speak with officers who arrived on scene.

"Shawn allegedly took off running," said Adkins, who acknowledged that he did not know of anyone who witnessed the incident from its inception. "They ended up getting him, and we don't know exactly how or why he ended up being Tasered several times and struck several times."

Oroville Chief of Police Kirk Trostle told the Enterprise Record that the incident is being investigated, but he believes his officers acted appropriately.

Calls to Trostle by Sherdog.com went unreturned.

Bias' family and friends were unaware of his condition until a nurse powered up the featherweight's cell phone and called his parents around 2 p.m. Sunday, Adkins said.

"When we saw him he had scratch marks and bruise marks on his face by his nose, under his eyes," said Adkins. "His face is all swollen, but if you look underneath, his eyes are black and blue and swollen. On his left clavicle and kinda shoulder he's got a long bruise mark where it looks like he was hit with an impact weapon. The nurse kind of showed us a couple of spots where he was marked on his chest with some type of impact. We don't know what it's from, but some type of impact. The bruise marks, the swelling ... it's not good."

Adkins also stated that because of Bias' critical state, the fighter was not moved to a more advanced medical facility in Chico, Calif.

Noting that the fighter did not take much damage in his unregulated bout Thursday night at the Tachi Palace in Lemoore, Calif., Adkins acknowledged that Bias, whom doctors diagnosed as also having strep throat Monday, refused to pull out despite suffering from pneumonia and an infected tooth.

Early speculation held that Bias' condition could have come as a result of damage he took during the bout, but follow-up accounts suggest it was not.
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