Video: Boxer in Croatia Banned for Life Following Vicious Attack on Referee

By C.J. Tuttle Oct 22, 2014

Vido Locar, the Croatian boxer who viciously attacked a referee following the stoppage of his bout, is currently in jail and has been banned from the sport of boxing for life.

The unnamed referee made the decision to wave off the European Youth Boxing Championship bout in Zagreb, Croatia, sending Locar into a violent rampage. The light heavyweight competitor dropped the referee as he prepared to declare Algiras Baniulis the victor. Locar then proceeded to unleash a barrage of punches while the official was on the mat.

“This is the worst thing that could happen to us. This is a disgrace to Zagreb, Croatia and caused the sport of boxing major damage,” Croatian Boxing Federation’s Marko Marovic told Sky Sports. “All the hard work that we put into organizing this championship and raising the image of Croatian boxing has been destroyed in a few seconds.”


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