Wanderlei: Anderson Would ‘Destroy’ Belfort

By Marcelo Alonso Sep 30, 2009
Wanderlei Silva has fought Vitor Belfort and trained with Anderson Silva. Should Anderson and Belfort meet in the next UFC middleweight title fight, Wanderlei has no doubt about the result.

“I believe Anderson would destroy Belfort,” he said. “I think it’s a very interesting fight. Belfort has good boxing skills and is a good athlete, but everybody knows that he has a weak psychological aspect and I think he will shake when he gets in the Octagon with (Silva).”

Added Wand ironically: “Let’s see if (Belfort) will put his new karate ... I mean old karate, new for him, in practice against Anderson.”

It’s been nearly 11 years since Belfort blitzed Wanderlei in 44 seconds at the UFC’s "Ultimate Brazil" event. Now that both men are in the UFC again, Wanderlei is certain the rematch will finally take place.

“Of course we will fight,” he said. “I want this fight too much. I believe the first one didn’t happen as I wanted. I was surprised, and it will not happen again now because I’m much more experienced. I’m not saying it will be now or later, but when it happens, I’ll prepare myself a lot to be in my best shape because he is a tough opponent, and I want to give the show everybody expects from me.”

While Wanderlei wants a fight with Belfort, his animosity toward Anderson has ended. The former Chute Boxe teammates, who took aim at each other publicly when Wanderlei announced his intention to move to the 185-pound division, met backstage at UFC 102 and mended fences.

“We met and talked,” Wanderlei said. "It was a big misunderstanding and it was solved the way men have to solve any problem: talking face to face. Anderson is a great guy, and we finally put a period on that story."
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