Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings Results: HBO Boxing Play-by-Play

By Mike Sloan Apr 25, 2015

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Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings

Round 1

Jennings storms right out of his corner and rifles off several jabs to the head and body. Jennings is pretty aggressive early, but he is unable to get inside. Klitschko stays away, jabbing nicely and using his massive reach. Jennings backs into the ropes and blocks a powerful right hand. Jennings is now moving side-to-side and backing away, looking to create angles. Decent overhand right by Jennings late in the round. Klitschko hasn’t thrown many punches thus far and it seems like Jennings will take the opening frame. Klitschko pops him with a solid right hand just before the bell. 10-9 Jennings.

Round 2

Jennings bobs and weaves, but still can’t get in on the inside. Klitschko, as expected, keeps a perfect distance, looking to exploit an opening. Jennings misses a right and dives in, almost looking like a double leg attempt. Nice long jab by Klitschko a minute in that shakes “By-By”. Another jab makes Jennings think twice about coming in. Another. Klitschko has taken over the fight completely with a minute left. Jennings leaps with a left hook but he misses by a foot. Decent right hand by the champion late but it’s not entirely clean. 10-9 Klitschko.

Round 3

They clinch early where Jennings has some success with a few punches to the head and body. Jennings backs away and is darting side-to-side, but the Ukrainian hulk is cutting the ring off nicely. Jennings is complaining about the clinching, blaming Klitschko for it. Jennings leaves a jab out a second too long and eats a right hand in return. The American comes in low and digs a right/left to the midsection. Klitschko just misses a monstrous, fight-ending left hook by an inch or two just before the bell. 10-9 Klitschko.

Round 4

Jennings misses a left hook early in the stanza but Klitschko absorbs it easily. The champ comes back with a right hand that shakes Jennings, but he stays upright. Klitschko goes to a series of jabs to keep Jennings on the outside and misses a follow-up right. Jennings continues to duck underneath and rake the body, but he’s a bit too far to deal a ton of damage. Bryant continuously ducks his head down with his guard split, though Klitschko hasn’t yet gone with the uppercut. Double jab by the champ, but he misses with a right/left. Jennings eats a double jab but he launches a left hook to the head. It’s mostly blocked and Klitschko walks through it. Good action late. 10-9 Klitschko.

Round 5

Klitschko opens the frame with a dozen jabs that keep Jennings at bay. Bryant goes with the left hook again but it’s mostly blocked. Jennings is able to get inside and dish out several shots to the head and body. Klitschko is warned for clinching a minute in. Klitschko clips his challenger with a left hook and then cracks him with a right, but Jennings’ chin is sturdy; he takes it well. From the clinch, Jennings nails him with a left hook, but Klitschko counters with a right uppercut. Jennings is very aggressive late, trying like hell to rake the body over and over. He pops the champs with a left to the face, keeping this round very close. 10-9 Klitschko.

Round 6

Jennings jumps on Klitschko early, but Wlad blocks all of the assault. Jennings isn’t fearful of the champ’s vaunted power and is trying to brawl with him. Klitschko plays it safe with the jab, looking to find that opening to end the fight. Nice right hand by the Philly fighter after he eats a few jabs. Jennings has his hands down as he bobs and weaves right in front of Klitschko. Wald goes back to the jab, but Jennings is right there. Jennings is making it rough on Klitschko and the champ is growing more and more frustrated. He looks uncomfortable late in the round. 10-9 Jennings.

Round 7

They clinch early and Jennings immediately pounds away at the body with the right hand. Klitschko now starts to walk forward, stalking Jennings with the jab. Jennings just misses a huge left hook; it barely glances the champ’s chin. Jennings is talking some trash now, trying to make it a war. Jennings digs to the body, but he eats n uppercut. However, he retaliates with an uppercut himself. Klitschko lands a sweeping right hand late in the round after a lull in the action. Very close round. 10-9 Jennings.

Round 8

Jennings lands a decent left hook a few moments into the round. Leaping left hook from the American and it looks like Klitschko is hurt. His legs buckle for a second and he has to retreat with the jab. Klitschko pops him with a right hand as Jennings recklessly drives on the inside. Nice right hand by Klitschko at the midway point of the round. Jennings take it but can’t return fire. Jennings digs more shots to the body but he eats another right hand late. Very close round. 10-9 Klitschko.

Round 9

Klitschko lands a few hard jabs early. Jennings is still trying to get inside but Klitschko is using his reach to prevent that. Jennings continues to charge forward. Klitschko is warned sternly for continuously clinching and says he’ll take a point away the next time. When the fight resumes, Jennings just misses a massive right hand that would have turned the tables. Klitschko backs up but he’s cracked by a hard right hand and then a left. Klitschko is cut under his left eye. Jennings opens up more and lands a few decent blows, but Klitschko nails him with a nasty right hand. Jennings goes hard to the body again and again. Good round by Jennings. 10-9 Jennings.

Round 10

Klitschko throws several meager jabs that miss, but they keep Jennings away. They clinch again and Michael Griffin stops the action and deducts a point from Klitschko. Jennings lands an uppercut on the inside when the fight resumes. They clinch again, where Jennings goes to the head and body. Klitschko is growing more and frustrated as he’s popped with a left hook. With a minute left, Klitschko lands a nifty left/right. Jennings charges in and digs a series of shots to the gut. Jennings is very aggressive, trying to seize the point deduction. Bryant lands a flurry to the body at the bell. 10-8 Jennings.

Round 11

They clinch as soon as the round starts, and Klitschko is warned again, though Jennings instigated it. Nice triple jab by Klitschko. Klitschko is backing up and using the jab beautifully for the first minute, thwarting Jennings’ charges. It’s all Klitschko now as he repeatedly sticks the jab down the challenger’s throat. Klitschko is moving side-to-side and then snaps his foe’s head back with the jab. Jennings is trying to get inside but he is having no success. Twice Wald goes with the left/right, but Jennings takes it well. It’s all Klitschko in the 11th. 10-9 Klitschko.

Round 12

Though it’s unlikely on the official scorecards, it’s feasible that the winner of this round can win the fight. A knockdown would be critical for either man. Jennings likely needs to be very aggressive and gun for the stoppage. As expected, Jennings storms out of his corner, gunning for the KO. He’s all over Klitschko early but the champ defends everything. Klitschko goes right to the jab as he moves away. Jennings is trying like hell to get inside, but “Dr. Steelhammer” won’t allow it. Jennings eats a four-punch combo, though most are blocked. They clinch again and Jennings digs to the body. A powerful right hand from Klitschko hurts Jennings and it causes blood to drip from his mouth. Jennings backs away, trying to figure out what to do. He may be hurt still from that punch. Klitschko opens up with a few lefts and rights. Hard right hand by the champ late. Klitschko is dominating the frame and clearly wins it, along with the fight. 10-9 Klitschko (114-113 Klitschko).

The Official Result

Waldimir Klitschko def. Bryant Jennings via Decision (Unanimous 118-109, 116-111, 116-111) 3:00, R12


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