Badge Vs. Badge Presents 'The UNDISPUTED'

May 2, 2011
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Come join us at the Radisson in Sacramento on May 14th, 2011 as Badge Vs. Badge (the only organization where Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters can fight for a sanctioned State, USA Title, and be ranked under the IAB, International Amateur Boxing) presents “The UNDISPUTED.” There will be 7 title fights including Bran Williams (Fresno PD) Vs. Casey Johnson (Oakland PD) who will be fighting for the IAB US Heavy Weight Title Fight | Weight 220. This is an event you won't want to miss!

Former Title weight champion Larry “Psycho” Ward has gone pro, giving up the title, after coming out victorious in fights against both Casey Johnson last year and Bryan “The Punisher” Williams last August 13th, which some would say was a “lucky” KO. With 22 fights under his belt, this will be Bryan “the Punisher” Williams final fight. Not only are these guys out fighting crime in some of the most dangerous cities in California, but they are spending countless hours a day training, preparing and following strict diets for the fight on May 14th that will decide who claims the vacant title Larry “Pyscho” Ward has left behind.

Back in August , 2010 James Dorris, Folsom PD and Jesse Ruelas, Stanislaus Sheriff, entered the ring to fight for The Super Cruiser Weight US IAB Title. It was one hell of a fight that ended in a draw. In addition to hyper extending his arm three weeks before the fight, Dorris believes he took Ruelas lightly, which is why Ruelas was able to knock him down last August. Dorris apologizes for taking Ruelas lightly and promises to never do it again. Dorris seems to be very confident and motivated to win as he says, “I feel that right now, in my life, I cannot be beat. I have a three punch combo: mental, spiritual and physical.” On the other hand, Ruelas being more humorous states, “I can’t wait to hang out with Dorris all day before the fight and I hope he doesn’t plan on punching me in the balls…” As the suspense has built over this last year, these two are coming back stronger and more pumped! These men will once again enter the ring on May 14th and one of these men will walk away victorious in this rematch for the same title (Super Cruiser Weight US IAB Title).

Other title fights include:

Sonny Gerber (Grover Beach PD) Vs. Craig Colosimo (CDC Mule Creek) - IAB State Cruiser Weight Title Fight | Weight 190

Caleb Lopez (Police Academy Graduate) Vs. Dennis Vargas (Avenal PD) - IAB State Middle Weight Title Fight | Weight 160

Shay Burke (Petaluma FD - Current IAB US Super Middle Weight Champ) Vs. Ricky Seward (Big Bear City Fire) | Weight 175

James Davis (Folsom Prison) Vs. Jerry Ribeira (Oakland PD) | Weight 175

Lindsay Dozier (Fresno PD) Vs. Katherine Kristine Hartzwig (Sac Sheriff) | Weight 130

There is no doubt that these fights will be a badge vs. badge event but the question remains is who will exit the ring victorious and more importantly who will wear the US Heavy Weight Title? Will it be Bryan “The punisher” Williams or Casey Johnson either way it will not be an easy victory. Tell your friends, tell your family, bring your significant other and come find out on May 14th at the Radisson Hotel in the Badge Vs. Badge box-down!

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