Cage Warriors set for the next level

Oct 16, 2011
(PRESS RELEASE) -- CAGE WARRIORS director Graham Boylan has promised to take the promotion to “the next level” in 2012.

Boylan announced a hectic international schedule for 2012 last week, which includes nine shows in seven different countries. The journey will begin at a yet to be announced venue in the Middle East on February 2.

“Fighters and coaches are going to be very busy and they’ll see parts of the world they probably would never even have thought of going to,” said Boylan.

“I said when we took over in August of last year that it would be baby steps to start with for 2011. But now that 2012 is almost upon us, Cage Warriors is about to raise the bar to the next level again.”

Cage Warriors has staged two hugely successful shows in Amman this year and will return to the Jordanian capital twice more in 2012, on top of two further shows in other countries in the region.

“There’s a big fan-base in the Middle East,” Boylan explained. “The people there really appreciate good MMA. Why wouldn’t we want to go back there?

“The destinations will be Jeddah, Dubai and Kuwait. I’m not scared to leave my own back yard. There’s a big world out there and this Cage Warriors team are going to have a wonder about.”

There are also other new destinations on the agenda for Cage Warriors, with scheduled events in Turkey and Hungary.

Boylan: “The talks with Turkey have gone well, above and beyond what we were initially planning. We’re in the final stages of finishing that one off and it’ll be insane.

“Budapest will also be a big-time show. The Cage Warriors team are working on these events right now, nearly eight to ten months out. We’ll blow you away with next year’s shows.”

Cage Warriors will return to Boylan’s native Ireland on May 5 for a first ever Dublin show. Having already staged two events in Cork, fans can expect something special when Cage Warriors arrives in the Irish capital.

“The Dublin show will be a big surprise to a lot of people,” said Boylan. “I’m holding nothing back on this show. We have a lot of big guns in Irish MMA signed exclusively to Cage Warriors.

“They signed to Cage Warriors because they know it’s the place to be for their careers. No other promotion in Ireland can give them the spotlight they need, so we will.

“This show will be a full professional card and it’ll be the most anticipated event in the history of MMA in Ireland. I want to give the boys in Ireland the platform they deserve in international MMA.”

Asked if fans can expect more shows in addition to the nine already announced, Boylan said: “We have some other announcements to make over the next couple of months in relation to Cage Warriors in 2012.

“Judging from the talks we’re in at the moment, I’d imagine there will be more shows in 2012 - possibly Australia, maybe South Africa.

“We don’t just sit about on Facebook and Twitter, waiting for things to happen. We make them happen. Any fighters who want to be on the big stage, e-mail [email protected]


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