Cro Cop's Manager to Miller: You're a wuss and Cro Cop will shut your mouth!

Jun 1, 2014
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Jarrell Miller has long been negotiating on his match in Los Angeles against Mirko Filipović. Although the initial information that Cro Cop is to fight this American fighter at Gloryju 17 leaked some ten days ago, the negotiations lasted until yesterday when Glory's management confirmed that the matter has finally been settled. “Big Baby” obviously wanted to charge his performance well and thus maximally stalled the confirmation of the match to pull out a few bucks more.

Famous for his big mouth, the “trash talk” from this American boxer was definitely expected and his statements to the media were not surprising at all. In his interview with Miller thrashed Cro Cop as if he was a nobody and not one of the biggest combat sports legends in general.

Nobody expected Miller to praise Cro Cop, but he crossed the boundaries of good taste.

Among other things, Miller called Cro Cop “and old man” he would send to retirement. He also sent a “Game over Cro Cop” message to the legendary Croatian fighter.

However, he did not stop there and he stated that Mirko is so stupid to accept another match against him since he would put him to sleep. He also made a comment about their previous match claiming that the victory was stolen from him.

Mirko's manager and FFC President Orsat Zovko was also appalled by Miller's statement about the Croatian legend: “Well, Miller is a wuss. What has he done in his life to talk about one of the greatest sports legends in that manner?”

Zovko also added: “People barely know who he is, and those who know him, know him because he fought with Cro Cop at K-1 WGP. He ended up in that combination by accident. He deserved that loss because he did not do anything in that match. In order to defeat Cro Cop you have to do much more. I just wanna tell him that 'trash talk' will get him nowhere. Jarrell, you are an anonymous with big mouth and Cro Cop will shut them up.”

The relevance and seriousness of Miller's statement can also be seen in the second part of the interview where he stated he is to return to professional boxing after this match with plans to beat up Vladimir Klitschko.


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