Dave Huckaba and PureCombat

Feb 18, 2009
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Dave Huckaba is a no nonsense kind of guy. At 6'3 and 255 pounds, you quickly realize just how serious he is. When you ask him to describe his fighting style, he simply replies "I'm a knockout artist; I get in the ring and knock fools out. That's what I do."

Huckaba, the raining heavyweight champion of the Gladiator Challenge, has signed a multi-fight deal with PureCombat, and will be making his PureCombat debut in April 2009. It is easy to see what would draw a promotional company to a fighter like Huckaba. He is the stuff legends are made of.

Hardened by a rough childhood, and an abusive uncle, Huckaba simply likes to fight. "I lived with my grandparents and my uncle was an alcoholic. He was very abusive towards me. I had to learn how to take shots to the head at an early age. It made me tough, it made me a man."

Something that you notice almost immediately when watching Huckaba fight is his strength, but Huckaba never lifts weights. "Some people spend four hours in a weight room working out. I spend eight hours everyday packing iron. That's all the weight training I need. I just spend my time in the gym working on my hands and my Muay Thai."

Fans aren't the only people who notice the strength of Huckaba; his opponents have taken notice too. "Every fight I have ever had my opponents have told me that they could not believe how strong I was. Even fights that I have lost, my opponent tells me how strong I am. That is a direct result of being a 118 Union Iron Worker."

Huckaba is a loyal man. He is thankful for his sponsor's Devastation Clothing as well as B&G Glass. But his true loyalties are to only one thing, his family.

Huckaba was a standout tailback in high school, and had numerous scholarship offers to play division one football, most notably from Washington State and BYU. Yet, his beloved girlfriend and high school sweetheart got pregnant. About the situation he commented, "I couldn't leave her. It was a tough situation but I did what I knew was right and was a man about it."

Stacey his bride-to-be would eventually have a miscarriage, but that changed nothing. Dave and Stacey are still together to this day and have two children, Donald who is eleven and Neesah who is eight. Donald is actually in his dad's corner during fights. He makes the ring walk with him, and even opens up the cage door for his father. "It is so great to have them with me. I actually have to take days off of work because my kids want to take me into show and tell, how cool is that?"

At the age of 34, Huckaba isn't exactly a spring chicken, but you would never know it from talking to him, "Randy Couture is 44 and still beating people up. I feel great right now, nothing can stop me."

In April he is going to have a chance to prove it. Whatever happens between now and then, don't count him out….But check out www.purecombatmma.com
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