Joe Riggs and Mikey Rukus Join Forces- Theme Song Chronicling His Story

Aug 13, 2013
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Richmond, VA (Aug 12, 2013) Joe Riggs’ has teamed up with MMA Fight Music Producer Mikey Rukus to create a theme song chronicling his storied history and subsequent overcoming of the mountains of obstacles he has faced during his storied mixed martial arts career. The former UFC/WEC/Strikeforce veteran is the current #1 seed on the Bellator reality series Fight Master. During his time on the show, elements of his past struggles have come to light, bringing about a side of Riggs that many may not have previously known or understood. Although the reality series has struggled in the ratings, it is clear that Riggs is carrying the show, as the only times the show has drawn over 600,000 viewers has been when “Diesel” is fighting. In that time, fight fans have gravitated towards Riggs as many who hear his story connect with the personal struggles of addiction so many face today. Fight Music Producer Mikey Rukus, who has created walkout music for fighters such as Mark Hunt, Mauricio Rua and theme music for promotions such as Invicta Fighting Championships and Legacy FC, wrote and recorded the theme song, titled “My Redemption”, for Riggs.

“Music is an extremely personal thing,” Rukus says. “There are literally millions who hurt, who face demons that no one knows. These people find solace when connecting to a song when they are in their secret place and they are battling with themselves. Someone like Joe, who has been there and is coming back, can connect with so many. People see him and what he’s done to get right, and they find hope in that for themselves as well. The music I am creating for him is merely a vehicle for his story to touch those who need to hear it, especially the hundreds of thousands of fighters who currently compete with nagging injuries, who may rely on pain medication and may be stuck in a vicious cycle that they can’t currently get out of.”

Thanks to Riggs’ re-surging career and the platform he is currently given, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to show the world that one can come back from near complete self-destruction and conquer even some of the most difficult obstacles that may stand in one’s way.

The song is available for download for $1 and a portion of the proceeds will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center. To listen to a preview and to download the song, visit:

Joe is currently in the quarterfinals of the Fight Master TV show, which can be watched on Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on Spike TV.


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