KSW20 – Fight Symphony

Sep 2, 2012
(PRESS RELEASE) -- On September 15th the Gdańsk/Sopot’s Ergo Arena will hold the historic twentieth KSW show. The unforgettable experience, just like at the previous shows, is guaranteed. The attendees can expect one of the most adrenaline-fueled sporting spectacles in this part of the world. Two headlining fights and five extra fights – watch out! KSW 20 is coming!

In the first of the main event bouts former strongman, now an up-and-coming mixed martial artist Mariusz Pudzianowski will have his sixth fight for KSW. The five-time world’s strongest man is set to face a very challenging rival in King of the Cage standout Christos Piliafas.

The American of the Greek descent is a formidable warrior with all his wins being first-round finishes by either KO or TKO. – It is the biggest and the most important fight of my career. I won’t fail and I will be victorious – US fighter nicknamed “The Mad Greek” proclaims.

In the second of our main events, the best light heavyweight in Europe Jan Błachowicz will present his explosive skills in front of the massive KSW crowd. The Cieszyn-born athlete squares off against the legendary UFC veteran Houston Alexander. The mighty Pole puts his valuable KSW World Light Heavyweight Title on the line in this bout – He likes to throw hands and I like it too. It will be a war! – excited KSW Team fighter exclaims.

The first bout of the rest of the card features the “Płock’s Barbarian” Marcin Różalski who is signed to fight one of the true legends of combats sports, one of the best K-1 kickboxers in history Jerome Le Banner.

This confrontation was supposed to happen at KSW 18, however, Frenchman’s injured knee postponed the bout. – I’m angry, again. It will be a bloody fight – Le Banner promises. – It will be a slaughter – Różalski responds.

In another heavyweight showdown one of the best fighters in this division in Poland Karol Bedorf is scheduled to face the experienced American Karl Knothe. Coming off a valuable victory at KSW 18, Bedorf has set his sight at the KSW gold. Knothe will do everything in his power to spoil the Berserkers Team fighter’s plans. With more than two hundred kilograms in the ring, it is pretty given this fight is not going to distance.

Borys Mańkowski from Poznań and Rafał Moks from Szczecin are true friends. They visit the same training camps and train together for their bouts. However, this time it had to be changed, as they were matched against each other in this exciting welterweight rivalry for the honor, respect and cash. – We’ve talked about it with Rafał and we’ve agreed that this fight won’t spoil our friendship. Fighting is our job and it needs to be done. – Mańkowski explains.

Jacek Wiśniewski has more than two hundred games in Polish premier league but no official MMA matches. He makes his debut at KSW 20 competing against the first KSW Amateur Cup heavyweight division winner Kamil Waluś.

Anzor Azhiev versus Paul Reed will be the opening fight of the night. The young Chechen may soon be a fight of Mamed Khalidov’s caliber or even a greater one. In his KSW debut Azhiev became a favorite of the avid Polish fans, presenting a dynamic, flashy and most importantly efficient style in his performance against Cengiz Dana. The experienced Scotsman will test whether the up-and-comer is really ready for the big show.

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