MMA Fighter Danielle West’s First Novel to be Released Tuesday, November 6

Nov 10, 2012
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Las Vegas – Female MMA fighter Danielle West will finally have her debut novel officially released in the United States on Tuesday, November 6. Entitled All Change Please, it’s a dark comedic novel that is centered around the lives of three close friends who all find themselves at a crossroads. After the sudden death of one of their friends, the three women come to grips with how lousy each of their personal and professional lives have become and desperately need a change.

West, a veteran of Pancrase and Invicta FC, spent seven years writing All Change Please, which she literally wrote in its entirety on her Blackberry smart phone. As a struggling professional who had to endure hours of travel via London’s public transportation every day, “The Honey Badger” began writing the early stages of what would eventually become her first masterpiece. For two years Danielle West dealt with dozens of rejections from would-be publishers, but finally All Change Please will see the light of day.

New indie publisher Burning Horse Media, which was founded by long-time fightsports reporter and columnist Mike Sloan, liked the book enough and decided to go forward with the novel’s publication. After months of fine-tuning everything with Burning Horse Media, West is ready to see her dream come true with the official US release of All Change Please. Look for it on or on Amazon.

Danielle West’s next fight is scheduled for December 1 against Rin Nakai on a Pancrase card in Tokyo.

About All Change Please: In modern day London, the lives of three close friends are instantly set off course when their mutual friend, Laura, is suddenly killed. The three friends - Ophelia, Elise and Kat - find that their current lives are far worse than they could ever fathom.

In the light of Laura's tragic death, do any of the women decide to grab life by the horns and do something about how their own existences have not exactly lived up to expectations? In a peculiar sort of way, Laura's death not only shakes the three to their foundations, but it also wakes them out of their own personal slumbers.

One of them is suffering through a dead-end job with no appreciation or any advancement coming anytime soon. All this after she had moved from the United States to the UK in search of a happy, meaningful life and career. She was wrong and now she feels trapped in a city she has slowly learned to loathe and isn't sure if she's going to try and move out of London or stick it out. Her love life is pitiful as well, which doesn't help matters.

Another of the three eventually finds herself questioning her marriage, though she deeply loves her husband. However, like many a marriage, her in-laws don't respect her and she finds herself constantly walking on eggshells. It doesn't help that her husband is a struggling writer who coops himself up in their house all day. Does the love of her husband help her endure her own troubles?

The third woman is a struggling artist who can't seem to ever catch a break. Her relationship with her parents isn't what one would describe as peachy, either, because of how vastly different she is from them. Constantly at odds with herself and society, she desperately searches for answers to the questions that she's struggled to find her entire life.

All Change Please takes you on the journey these women find themselves on together over the period of a few months towards the end of the year. They lean on each other for support when grieving Laura's death and they feed off each other in trying to make the best of their own situations. All Change Please is a story of life's great failures and the lessons learned, and it's told with a superb dark comedic undertone.

About Burning Horse Media: Burning Horse Media ( was founded in October 2011 by long-time fightsports writer Mike Sloan (,, various magazines). With two titles officially on its roster with a proposed nine more coming within the next year, Burning Horse Media is dedicated to helping out struggling authors make their literary works of art a reality. BHM also offers extensive editing and proofreading services as well. Contact Mike Sloan via BHM’s site for more info.


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