MMA Referee School with Herb Dean

Nov 4, 2011
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The MMARS program is designed to get well trained officials into the cage and the judge’s seat.

Experience the benefits of training with MMARS:

MMARS offers the ABC recognized training courses required for MMA Judge and Referee licensing. Your first step towards officiating MMA is to attend and pass the certification training courses. With certification you can apply for a variety of licenses, please note that passing the courses does not guarantee licensing.

MMARS Shadow program offers live in the cage and in the judge seat experience to put on your resume.

Program graduates are placed on the Official Dean’s List. Graduates who pass all courses and demonstrate superb officiating at live events have a bio with pictures on the website.

MMARS has relationships with licensing agencies and commissions. MMA is a growing sport and the need for more new officials is growing too.

The Complete MMA Official Program includes:

MMA Official 1 - ABC Unified Rules, ethics, scoring criteria, judging guidelines, video mock judging fights with discussion and student demonstration of MMA techniques. Written, video and technique tests - 8 hours

MMA Official 2 - ABC Unified Rules, ethics, duties, bout results, referee mechanics in the cage and student demonstration of MMA techniques. Written, video and technique tests - 8 hours

MMA Shadow Event Official - Shadow Herb at two live events. Get practical "in the field" training. Witness all aspects of officiating an event from the rules meeting to debriefing at the close of the event. Transition smoothly from the classroom to the cage while having the most experienced official on hand for any questions.

Event dates permitting, it is recommended to attend one shadow event before taking the classroom courses and the second afterwards.

All are encouraged to take the shadow course, the information gained by observing the mechanics of a live event cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Only MMARS certificate holders will be allowed to officiate at the event. Scheduled on an individual basis, space is very limited.

All certification training courses are recognized by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC).

The ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) draws its membership from state and tribal combative sports commissions from the United States and Canada. MMARS certification courses meet all requirements for Certified MMA Official training and Herb Dean is an approved trainer. Passing an ABC certified training course is a requirement for licensing.

We are passionate about teaching MMA Officiating!

All with a passion for learning, no matter what level, are welcome to attend and participate. The purpose of the training is to teach and distribute accurate information about officiating MMA.Those seeking certification are required to physically demonstrate MMA technique.

Passing MMA Official 1 earns certification for MMA Judge Training.

Passing MMA Official 1 & 2 earns certification for MMA Referee Training.

Check out MMARS ABC Certified Training Students on the website at

Be a part of the next class!

MMA Official 1 & MMA Official 2 Pasadena, CA November 12, 2011 - 7:00 am to 5:00 pm November 13, 2011 - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

On-line registration for all courses available here:

Click here to download the study materials

All details are available on the website at

We look forward to seeing you in the cage!


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