Marquez Throws the First Punch, Where Art Thou Pacquiao?

Oct 13, 2011
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Global Village Champions Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao have both joined Yank Barry and Global Village Champion Muhammad Ali in the Fight Against Hunger. Both Marquez and Pacquiao are committed to building a Global membership base and working towards A Day Without Hunger. The people of Mexico are following Marquezs' lead however the response from the Filipino community has been modest at best.

With less than 30 days left in the Global Village Champions Summer 2011 Membership Drive, Juan Manuel Marquez issued a challenge to his boxing opponent Pacquiao. "Regardless of the outcome of our World Welterweight Championship fight on November 12, 2011, I challenge you and the Filipino community to bring more members into the Global Village Fight Against Hunger than the people of Mexico are. I am confident that Mexico will prevail."

The challenge has been issued. Marquez is waiting for Pacquiaos' response. The biggest winners in this fight against hunger are the less fortunate children that the Global Village Champions support. Stay tuned for the outcome of this Global Challenge.

Global Village Champions Foundation Inc. strives to become the undisputed world leader in private, humanitarian delivery of nutrition to needy persons everywhere, sustaining human life and helping to eradicate hunger from the face of the Earth.


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