Pavelich Sports returns to the Management Business

Jan 26, 2012
(PRESS RELEASE) -- In the world of MMA, it takes constant steps forward to succeed. Today marks a major step for the organization behind one of the largest MMA shows in the world.

Pavelich Sports Inc. is proud to announce its official arrival back into the business of fighter management. On March 3, 2001, Pavelich Sports changed the MMA landscape in North America by founding the Maximum Fighting Championship, and today the company is changing it again. Pavelich Sports will be representing and managing top MMA talent in addition to coordinating professional mixed martial arts seminars and workshops for all MMA fighters. In addition, fans will continue to enjoy the non-stop action of the MFC as big shows continue throughout 2012.

The world of MMA is quickly becoming home to a new breed of fighter. This fighter is analytical. This fighter is adaptable. This fighter is athletic. This fighter has the potential to reach extraordinary heights, and he needs experienced and powerful representation to help him on his way. Enter Pavelich Sports Incorporated.

Pavelich Sports is a company known by MMA fans around the world for its successful mixed martial arts show, the Maximum Fighting Championship, but its influence on the fight game goes way beyond lights, cameras, and action. The organization has also played a major role in representing highly talented fighters as they rose to excellence. With this announcement, a new world of opportunity is opening for dedicated mixed martial artists seeking that extra edge needed to succeed in the increasingly competitive sport. Pavelich Sports has struck deals with major players like HDNet, TSN and Tapout Energy, and this move into fighter management puts a high level of business savvy behind the mixed martial artists who are the future of MMA.

The company is also building towards its next professional MMA seminars, which are set to start this year. These events will feature some of the most skilled minds in the sport offering their artful techniques, accomplished training, and adept tutelage. Pavelich Sports is in talks with veterans and stars like Frank Trigg and Ryan Jimmo to sign on as coaches and mentors, offering even more opportunity to fighters across the continent.

In the world of MMA, it takes constant steps forward to succeed. The relentless pursuit of perfection and consuming drive for achievement move the major players toward their goals. This holds true for fighters, for promoters, and for business owners. The next big step for Pavelich Sports happens today.


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