Professional MMA Fighter Raphael "Noodle" Davis has Entered into a Plea Agreement

Sep 13, 2012
(PRESS RELEASE) -- (Los Angeles, CA) Professional MMA fighter Raphael Davis (12-2) has entered into a plea agreement regarding his injuries and workers compensation issues. While he has now realized that continuing to train for MMA fights was not in the scope of his doctor’s orders, he did so with no intent of wrongdoing it was simply a misunderstanding. He has now accepted responsibility and remedied the situation in full.

Mr. Davis has served honorably with the Los Angeles Fire Department for over 8 years. During the course of his employment, he sustained verified and documented injuries while serving the City of Los Angeles. Due to those on-duty injuries, Mr. Davis required not only medical attention and doctor’s visits, but underwent various surgeries as well. Due to the extent of these injuries, he was forced to take time off from his employment with the City.

It was during this time off that Mr. Davis attempted to continue his training and competing in the sport that he loves, Mixed Martial Arts. Due to the status the doctor put him on, he was not to work or perform any activities that were inconsistent with the doctor’s restrictions. Mr. Davis believed, at the time, that as long as he could perform and maintain a certain training regimen and did not exacerbate his injuries, that that complied with his doctor’s orders. Mr. Davis now realizes that competing in MMA events was outside the scope of his doctor’s orders. He has admitted to that mistake and has accepted responsibility accordingly. He has agreed to a disposition in court to perform 200 hours of community service and has already paid back, in full, the amount that was earned from the City during the time that he was off injured.

The terms of his agreement will result in a misdemeanor conviction upon completion of the community service. Mr. Davis, in accepting responsibility and acknowledging his error, looks forward to focusing once again on those that matter most, his loving family, and continuing in his MMA career.


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