ROAD Fighting Championship announces the ROAD FC LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION "NAM YUI-CHUL"

Dec 4, 2013
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Yui Chul Nam (32 Gangnam Team Possi) is a light weight champion of Road FC, the best MMA league in Korea. He used be a champion of Sprits MC in mid 2000 then he kept his champion belt in Road FC. Without a doubt, he is the best fighter in Korea.

He defeated Takasuke Kume (28 Japan) and won first defense bout on Oct 12. He wiped out any unnecessary argument on last Apr match with Kume having neck-and-neck overtime.

Yui Chul Nam is a well rounded fighter. He is good at standing hit and wrestling but he has his own specialty. That is an indomitable spirit. He sprained his right fingers at first defense bout but never expressed his pain and won the match finally. An ordinary person can’t imagine his invincible spirit.

“I was injured end of 1st round exchanging fists. I was aware of my injury after 2nd round but I couldn’t give up this match. I kept focusing match without distraction and thinking how I can win the match without using my right hand.”

Recently, Nam, Yui Chul got an official offer from UFC, major league of MMA to fight on Singapore match on Jan next year. He is unable to appear in Jan match due to unrecovered his right finger injury. It is very likely that he has a bigger chance to go to big market..

MMA fighters concerned, UFC is a dream itself. Every MMA fighters in the world are tried to be MMA fighters in the long run. So he is.

However he put more weight on loyalty to Road FC than UFC. He can’t simply turn away Road FC providing priceless opportunities when he was in needy situation.

“I got official offer from UFC. I wasn’t excited as much as I expected. I thought this is not a time to go to UFC. I got many benefits from Road FC recognizing as a champion and playing with much better stable conditions. Surely I don’t give up UFC but I simply broaden my horizons not focusing on short term gains.”

“I could play as a fighter until age 40. I’m 32 now so still 8 years to go. Nobody knows what would be happening. I will try my best under given circumstances. At this moment I try my best to fight as a Road FC fighter.”

We asked his life goal not as a MMA fighter. His answer is simple but in depth expressing his modest attitude and passion. He is passionate at cage but has a serious attitude toward his life.

“I like a book ‘I want to be a proof of hope’. Uneducated factory female worker overcame his adversity and became a US army officer. I want to be a exactly that kind of person. I have a dream to be a ‘Proof of hope’ to many unknown MMA fighters under difficult surroundings.”


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