Jul 27, 2014
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Big UFC heavyweight star Stipe Miocic is to arrive in Croatia August 3 for the first time. The American fighter of Croatian origins decided to spend two weeks in the homeland of his parents in order to learn about Croatian culture, tradition and customs. He will also meet his Croatian fans and have some time off prior to new matches.

Miocic is also to participate at the press conference in Zagreb organized by Fight Channel where he is to introduce himself to Croatian media and spend some time with fans. In an exclusive statement Stipe announced his arrival and said: “Croatian fans are the best!”

“I am really happy and excited I will finally visit Croatia and see the country where my parents were born. I am also happy I will meet Croatian fans and spend some time with them because so far I communicated with them only via social networks”, said Miocic who has an impressive score of 6 wins and only one defeat.

His good results made him no. 7 at UFC heavyweight ranking lists as well as numerous fans and Facebook and Twitter followers. These social networks were the only way he communicated with his Croatian fans so far, but that is to change now.

“Visit to Croatia means a lot to me because I’ve been planning to come for a long time. Croatia is my homeland, my parents were born here and this is why the visit is so important to me”, added Stipe.

Modesty, professionalism and dedication to work and sport are the main characteristics of this formed American Golden Gloves champion who combines his great boxing techniques and his wrestling background well in the ring. Miočič still works as firefighter and emergency medical technician.

Miočić also had a message for his Croatian fans:

“I can’t wait to meet all of you! Croatian fans are the best in the world!”


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