Dec 17, 2010
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Long ago sports were more than million dollar contracts and spoiled athletes. There was a time when the best part of the year was gathering for the pageantry of the illustrious ‘fight night’. During that bygone era, the well-dressed and excited throngs flocked to arenas and theaters to see two men, whose sole occupation was that of the ‘fighter’, step into the ring one more time. Those times are still spoken of in hushed terms, those fights still hallowed to this day. Thomas ‘Wildman’ Denny is ready to give a new generation that experience, and he’s starting right here in Denver, Colorado.

Full Force Fighting (FFF), in association with Fight to Win MMA, will start 2011 off in style as it begins its relationships with the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Denver. On January 29, FFF will throw back the curtain on a Mixed Martial Arts event the likes of which fans have never seen.

This event will hearken back to the great fights of the last century, which were almost exclusively reserved for cities like Chicago and New York. Now FFF brings it into the modern era by combining slick production values, a high class venue and clientele, and exciting fighters who range from world-famous to vibrant up and comers.

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has seen an increase in popularity over recent years that no one could have expected. While Colorado MMA is as thriving a scene as any in America, the start of the FFF promotion is going to propel both local MMA and Denver into the national spotlight.

The event will be headlined not only by well known fighters (Robert Emerson-UFC veteran, Cody Donovan, Marcus Edwards, Justin Salas, Jason Lee), but also by its promoter, Thomas Denny. Denny, veteran of WEC, Elite XC and the MMA world in general, brings his unique style and showmanship to the event, his experience and influence reaching out to every aspect of the night’s entertainment.

Tickets will be available for purchase at, and a strict dress code will be enforced (formal to business casual). The full fight card is on page two of this press release. The card includes UFC veterans, local heroes and a number of award-winning fighters from all over the country, any one of which would be main-event material. Each competitor brings a unique style, skill set, and individuality to the evening.

This event is a return to the glorious days and nights of true pageantry in fighting, and will bring about a new era in the way people watch MMA and what they expect from events.
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