May 21, 2011
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford is seen by many as the next great Canadian star to come out of the Great White North. This opinion was only further cemented by Ford’s vicious TKO victory over former UFC welterweight contender Karo Parisyan May 19th in Ontario. Up next for “The Real Deal” will be a bout at his home promotion Aggression MMA’s next event, entitled “Confrontation,” where he will lock horns with Nick “The Juggernaut” Hinchliffe. While not the lightning rod of attention that “The Real Deal” is, Hinchliffe is a threat in the cage that needs to be taken seriously. And if “The Juggernaut” has anything to say about it, Ryan Ford is going to find that out on June 10th in at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton, Alberta at “Confrontation.”

Recently, Ford was quoted as saying, “All I gotta say is that Nick better step his game up from his last few fights, cause I’m on a whole different level than any fighter he’s fought. Everything that I bring to the fight…he won’t be able to handle it. So, bottom line, he ain’t G’d up, so he’s gettin’ beat up.”

In response, Hinchliffe had this to say: “I think Ford is having a war of words with himself. I don’t talk trash or need to make up a grudge in order to fight someone. I don’t mind…it’s just Ford’s style. He’s a good fighter and quite a personality. His whole ‘G’d up, beat up’ line was classic. I’m as white as they come. I drive a family car because I have a kid. I don’t know about getting beat up, but don’t plan on that, bro. But you’re right…I’m not ‘G’d up’…ha.”

How do you prepare for a tough fighter like Ford? “I don’t game plan too much, but I definitely see some holes [in his game] that I think I can exploit during the fight, and I’m working them into my training,” explains “The Juggernaut.”

To the fans, Hinchliffe had this to say: “Expect a war. It’s a line used often, I know, but I promise it. If Ford thinks I’m an easy fight, then ain’t right, and I will make it a quick night. Ha! That’s about as ‘G’d up’ as I get. If he wants to come in aggressive like he does, then don’t expect me to back down. I’m gonna meet you head on. I’m looking forward to our fight, Ford.”

Aggression MMA’s “Confrontation,” which will feature a main event between nationally-ranked welterweight stars Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford (14-3) and Nick “Juggernaut” Hinchliffe (18-7). This highly-anticipated event will take place Friday, June 10th, at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Confrontation” will also showcase two-time world Muay Thai champion Shane “Shaolin” Campbell (4-1), submission wizard Luke Harris (6-1), and the MMA debut of world Muay Thai champion Levi Krupe. More details will be announced shortly.

General admission tickets for “Confrontation” are now on sale, and are priced at $60. Limited floor seats are available for $100, $150, and $200. Tickets are available at or via email at [email protected] Fans can also call (780) 426-SOLD.

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