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May 12, 2011
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Keen on experiencing the famous Swedish summer form its very best? And at the same time taking your MMA to the next level?

This summer the Swedish MMA camp ’MMA Academy’ offer two full weeks of fighting, with no less than two UFC-fighters on the team. UFC veteran Brandon ”The Truth” Vera is fronting the team of instructors, and UFC upcomer and vicious striker Alexander ”The Mauler” Gustafsson will be giving private classes. Apart from these two gentlemen, there are a whole bunch of highly merited fighters at the instructors team, together covering all aspects a true and devoted MMA addict needs to develop his or her game. One of the instructors have Olympic boxing experience, another vast K-1 experience, a third is a multiple muay thai world champ, a fourth teach Alistair Overeem in his ground game...

The camp is now on its third year running, and they have got quite a following. Fighters from 100+ gyms visited the camp last year, and with a fair share of international campers coming, the whole camp will be in English. There are all group levels available at the camp, and at previous camps they’ve had anyone from total beginners to seasoned pro’s taking classes.

Apart from the awesome training, the camp also offers a superb way to experience the Swedish summer. Pictures we’ve seen from the camp tells the story of a picturesque lake and beach, diving cliffs, beach volley court, BBQs and vast fields of green.

It seems MMA Academy has thought it through. They even offer morning-yoga to help soften stiff muscles and preparing the body for 4-5 hours of training a day, massage treatments, kettlebells seminar, theor classes, wakeboarding, free supplements from UFC sponsor Xyience, among other things.

Simply put, this seems like a good old summer camp – for fighters.

Visit www.MMAacademy.se for more info. And remember who first told you about the camp!
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