Zavurov Reigns Supreme With a One-sided Beating at M-1 Challenge XXII

Dec 17, 2010
(PRESS RELEASE) -- M-1 Global’s hidden gem from Dagastan, Russia, Shamil Zavurov, one of Europe’s top welterweight prospects with an impressive 18-1 record, become the first-ever M-1 Challenge Welterweight champion after disposing of Spanish Catalan, Abner Lloveras late in the he fourth round of a seemingly one-sided, punishing bout.

With the stage having set him as the heavy favourite to capture gold at M-1 Challenge XXII, Zavurov rose to the occasion. After taking the majority of the first round to feel out and test the reach of his opponent, stinging outside leg-kicks began to fly fast and furiously to set up takedowns. Once on the ground, it was evident to all that the pair were in Zavurov’s world as Lloveras could do nothing but hang on and defend. With Zavurov making seamless transitions, he scored points and inflicted heavy damage at will for nearly 20 minutes.

Throughout each round, Zavurov’s experience and ability to attack from all angles left Lloveras struggling to defend and counter. As the battle waged on, Lloveras attempted to establish an offensive of his own but failed repeatedly. At 4:27 of the fourth, with Lloveras battered and bloodied, the referee ended the one-sided beating which awarded Zavurov a TKO victory and the welterweight championship title.

M-1 Global’s welterweight division is proving to be an extremely deep pool of talented athletes to draw from with every single fighter drooling at an opportunity to make Zavurov’s reign short lived. Certainly the gritty Russian will be up to the test in early 2011 as he makes his return to the ring for a headline bout on a yet-to-be determined M-1 Challenge card.

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