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By Jordan Breen Jun 5, 2008

Jordan Breen returned to the Sherdog Radio Network on Thursday and was joined by currently-controversial MMA referee Dan Miragliotta, and Deputy Attorney General of the state of New Jersey and the counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, Nick Lembo.

Breen and Miragliotta discuss Mthe referee's history in the sport, the BAMA Fight Night shows that were a staple of early New Jersey MMA, choking out a crazed fan in Montreal, and his rise to prominence as an MMA official. Miragliotta also discusses his refereeing on this past weekend's controversial Elite XC card, including the circumstances surrounding the Robbie Lawler (Pictures)-Scott Smith and Kimbo Slice-James Thompson (Pictures) bouts.

Breen and Lembo discuss the role of the NJSACB in sanctioning and regulating mixed martial arts, and the NJSACB boss gives his thoughts on the controversial stoppages to many of the Elite XC bouts, the refereeing and judging on the card, and the potential for inquiry into the event. Lembo also gives his thoughts on the best MMA bouts in the history of New Jersey.

Breen also previews the non-UFC weekend ahead, including cards from Sengoku, TKO, Purecombat and Cage Warriors.

Education and regulation on the Sherdog Radio Network!

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