Radio: Jordan Breen Show

Jul 17, 2008

Jordan Breen returned to the Sherdog Radio Network Thursday for the centennial edition of the Jordan Breen Show, and was joined by Affliction VP Tom Atencio (Pictures), and UFC debutants Dale Hartt and "Bad" Brad Blackburn (Pictures).

Atencio joins Breen to talk about all facets of Affliction's first promotional venture. Atencio talks about his history in MMA, including his time in cage, and how Affliction got started. Breen and Atencio also discuss Donald Trump's role in Affliction, what pay-per-view and gate expectations for the event are, and what the future of Affliction as a promotion will hold.

Hartt provides insight into his journey from shooting BB guns as a teen in Bangor to making it to the Octagon. Hartt talks about his forthcoming fight with Shannon Gugerty (Pictures), being a vegetarian, former 90210 star Shannen Doherty, as well as giving humorous anecdotes about the recent birth of his first son.

Blackburn gives a fighter's perspective on what it was like to be with the IFL over the long haul, and embarking on a new chapter in his career as he makes his UFC debut Saturday against James Giboo. Blackburn gives his explanation of the unevenness of his fight performances, and talks about selling his house to make the commitment to being a full-time fighter.

Breen also breaks down some of the non-UFC, non-Affliction action coming up, including bouts for Dream, Shooto, KOTC Canada, Palace Fighting Championship.

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