Rewind: Down to Business with Charles 'Konnan' Ashenoff

Apr 5, 2014

It's clear now that Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre are out of the sport indefinitely, and that Brock Lesnar and Chuck Liddell have faded into MMA's past, that Jon Jones is the leading candidate for face of the UFC. Yet his pay-per-view numbers and connection with the public belies that stature, almost contradicts it. Every tweet he sends, every comment he makes, it seems, generates more negative energy than positive energy. Is that a problem? An opportunity? Immaterial?

On the latest "Down To Business" edition of the Sherdog Radio Network "Rewind," host Jack Encarnacao welcomes a guest with a unique perspective to unpack this question. On the week of the biggest event in pro wrestling, Wrestlemania, Jack welcomes veteran star wrestler and television producer Charles "Konnan" Ashenoff to the program to talk about the state of how Jones is viewed by the public and tweaks that could be made.

Jack and Konnan, a close observer of MMA and boxing, also talk about Ronda Rousey's magnetism, whether Twitter helps or hurts a fighter in becoming a star, and the UFC's elusive goal of creating a Mexican superstar. A household name in Mexican pro wrestling in the 90s, Konnan produces wrestling television for the country's leading group and has a laser-sharp insight into the market, and dishes on how close the UFC came to working with his Mexican wrestling outfit to generate buzz around bantamweight Erik "El Goyito" Perez.

Don't miss this fresh perspective on the constellation of MMA stars. Catch the latest Rewind, available for download here.


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