Cardio World: Episode 1

May 14, 2012
In this episode of CARDIO WORLD, a new feature of, Alicia gives Todd the 411 on why nutrition is a HUGE part of the ‘get in shape’ cycle.

Have you started going to the gym because:

1) Summer is coming?
2) You have an event to get ready for (i.e. vacation, reunion, ‘still single’)?
3) You are tired of seeing yourself naked and want to like what you see?

And...are you feeling so ‘good’ about yourself that after those gym sessions you think you’ve ‘earned’ the right to indulge in anything you can find that is edible within arms reach??

Sure…if you want to completely undo all of your hard work!

Never fear, Alicia is here to demonstrate the pros of cons and even some alternatives that will help you capitalize on workouts.


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