Anderson Silva Teaches Backdoor Low Kick to X-Gym Newcomer

Mar 28, 2012

Considering the rise in popularity of mixed martial arts, the thought of training alongside a UFC superstar inhabits the minds of most prospective fighters. Imagine training with someone many consider to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all-time and learning a favorite technique from the man himself.

Warlley Alves, 21, started training at the X-Gym nine months ago and lived out the experience with UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“Training MMA with Anderson is like playing soccer with Ronaldinho or [Lionel] Messi,” Alves said. “Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest gifts God has given me. I must confess, I was impressed by his humility. He’s always ready to help all of those around him.”

Upon Silva’s return to the X-Gym a few weeks ago, Alves convinced the champion to teach him one of his favorite moves: the backdoor leg kick. After the two men sparred, Silva initially declined. However, he eventually yielded to Alves’ hopes.

“If this is something you can do, you’ll make a fool out of me,” Silva said. “It works, but this is one of the things I’ve been doing since I was a child.”

After instructing Alves in the art of the backdoor leg kick, Silva showed him another kick in a video game, as he tried to land it on Dan Henderson. However, he indicated he was not willing to teach it to Alves since it did not work within the game.

“This I will not teach you. I saw this idiocy in the video game. If you try such a thing in a fight and it doesn’t work, it’s my fault,” Silva said jokingly, drawing laughs from those in attendance.


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