UFC Fight Night 114 Highlight Video: Watch Jack Hermansson Pound Out Bradley Scott

Aug 5, 2017

Bradley Scott is one of the toughest fighters from England. So tough, in fact, that he’s never been stopped -- not even once -- in his entire MMA career. Jack Hermansson wanted to do something about that so he went right out there in the featured prelim and took him out in the first.

“The Joker” scored an early takedown and proceeded to maul the Brit from on top. The Swede never stopped throwing punches and elbows whilst on top and landed so many blows that third man Bladimir Puga had no choice but to step in and stop the mugging. The TKO came at 3:50 of the opening round, allowing Hermansson to move up a rung or two on the middleweight ladder.


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