GSP Book Co-Author: Champ Has Been Discussing Retirement for Years

By Staff Dec 3, 2013
Justin Kingsley, who co-authored “Way of the Fight” with Georges St. Pierre, discussing on “Rewind” whether GSP struggles with possibly retiring:

“I don’t know if struggle is the right word, but is it something that, I’m guessing, would be part of his thought process? I think it has to be. After everything that happened, I don’t see how it can’t be. … He said give me some time to go away and think, and that has to be a part of his thinking process. He’s said it’s been part of his process, in fact, for years. He said when I go out, I’m going to go out on top. He’s been saying that for a number of years, discussing that with Firas [Zahabi], with Kristof [Midoux], with John Danaher, with all these people.”

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