Massouh Captures Superior Challenge Belt; Junie Browning Loses

By Patrick Jenkinson May 4, 2010
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- Superior Challenge had a brand new belt to give away, and there were two gentleman callers. Two-time Swedish Olympic wrestler Sami Aziz and World Extreme Cagefighting veteran Jameel Massouh answered the bell at Superior Challenge 5 “Pride and Fury” on Saturday at the Fryshuset Arena.

Massouh started the fight with precise kicking to the Swede’s legs and body, while Aziz had trouble finding the right distance, catching mostly air with his punches. In the second round, Aziz secured a takedown, but the American was successful in grabbing Aziz so that he could not apply any offense; then, he swept Aziz and moved to top position. Massouh looked for the kimura at the end of the round, but Aziz defended it well.

Aziz was clearly fatigued in the third round, and Massouh took him down with ease, kept the fight on the mat and secured the victory by unanimous decision. The win broke Massouh’s three-fight losing streak and earned him the Superior Challenge featherweight championship.

Troeng Keeps Streak Alive

Tor Troeng revealed in a pre-fight interview that he wanted to test himself against an accomplished grappler. Cue Rafael Silva, who entered the ring with more than twice as many fights as “The Hammer.”

Silva opened the first round with low kicks, and Troeng seemed surprised the Portuguese fighter, best known for his grappling ability, did not shoot for a takedown. The much shorter Silva landed solid punches and kicks throughout the first round, while Troeng looked for his rhythm. In the second round, Troeng abandoned the idea of only standing with Silva and engaged in a full-out fight that featured his own strong grappling skills. The change enhanced Troeng’s performance, even though Silva achieved some dominant positions in round two.

In the third round, they moved directly into the clinch and started to exchange knees. However, Troeng slammed Silva to the mat, and, in the scramble, he secured a triangle choke that coaxed a tapout from the Portuguese grappler.

‘Mad Dog’ Nullifies the ‘Lunatik’

One of Sweden’s most popular fighters, Reza “Mad dog” Madadi, has a bit of a wild streak in him. When it was declared he would face off with “The Ultimate Fighter” alum Junie Allen Browning, everyone knew it was going to be a most interesting encounter. A couple seconds into the first round, Madadi secured a takedown and started to rain down punches on Browning. The American tried to seek shelter in the ropes, but Madadi went through them to get to Browning. Madadi’s fury seemed endless, but with a few seconds left in the period, Browning reversed the Swede and survived the round.

Browning’s cornerman, Vinny Magalhaes, screamed at him not to give up, but the “Lunatik” was bruised and battered. The second round started, and, within seconds, Browning was trapped in a guillotine choke. The tapout soon followed

Patrick Jenkinson writes for MMAbloggen and Kampsport24.
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