Matt Serra Remembers Upset Win Over GSP: I Was Going for Broke Out There

By Staff Dec 5, 2013
Was Serra-GSP the biggest upset in MMA history? Please tell us below. | Photo: Dave Mandel

Matt Serra, on “Beatdown,” discussing his April 2007 upset win over Georges St. Pierre:

“I knew … if it went bad, with the game plan we were having, it was going to be a quick night. Maybe brutal but quick. But listen, I don’t want to get tired in there. If I look to try to make it a grappling match with the guy, it would get exhausting if I just tried to put the guy down a lot. And you don’t want to be that guy jumping guard from Guam. … I knew my one title shot, it definitely wasn’t going to be boring. It was kind of thrilling. It was like a thrill in that sense because it’s like, I know I’m going for broke out here. I know it. I know I’ve either got to stop him or I can get stopped. You’ve got to put yourself out there.”

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