Paul Gift Joins Press Row

By Jordan Breen May 4, 2016

Every Wednesday, Administrative Editor Jordan Breen welcomes a member of the mixed martial arts media into “Press Row” on the blog. This week, Breen is joined by writer and Pepperdine University associate economics professor Paul Gift.

It takes money to make a dent in combat sports, and from the looks of things lately, some money getting thrown in MMA and boxing is highly questionable. This week, Breen and Gift break down a number of evolving stories with legal and economic impact in the ring and cage, including World Series of Fighting's continued financial hardships and corporate shake-ups, plus the bizarre ongoing, role of former matchmaker Ali Abdelaziz, as well as Ronda Rousey's trainer Edmond Tarverdyan, his ongoing tax case and his laughable claim of $3300 in assets.

Breen and Gift also break down the biggest recent story as it relates to prizefighting, tackling the news that Al Haymon's Premier Boxing Champions venture secured $925 million in capital, then after spending hundreds of millions of dollars, hired the investment manager who gave him the money as his company's Chief Operating Officer. Breen and Gift break down all the eye-popping details of the PBC revelations, what it reveals about the shadowy Haymon and PBC's business model and if Haymon or his associates could wind up as defendants in a lawsuit with real legal teeth.

Grab your credential and get a seat in “Press Row.”

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