Sherwood’s Small Show Gold: Shine Fights

By Jeff Sherwood Sep 14, 2010
Even with the absence of MMA’s top-tier promotions, it was a busy pay-per-view weekend.

I know some casual fans don’t get excited when promotions like Shine and Shark Fights are mentioned and only look forward to seeing the Randy Coutures and Georges St. Pierres of the world fight, but this weekend showed that the sport of MMA does not take a vacation when UFC, WEC and Strikeforce are off the schedule.

I eagerly sat my DVR for Shine Fights with mixed emotions. What were we going to see? There were some good names on the card with an old school eight-man lightweight tournament. The possibilities were endless. The bill had a good mixture of UFC and WEC veterans, as well as up-and-comers to battle it out. Sign me up.

Those familiar with the Sherdog Radio Network’s Savage Dog Show are well aware that the thing I enjoy most about smaller shows is the production (or lack thereof). What a lot of people tend to forget is that even the mighty UFC has had problems with live television back in the day, but have conquered its issues to run the cleanest events on the planet.

The new kids on the block? Not so much.

Beau Taylor (OMA) on commentating duties? I’ve known this cat for years, and was sure that he would be good for some classic moments. Wondering if he was going to lace us with some intricate troll job was one of the reasons I watched.

The production did provide plenty of laughs as the commentators were leading with their intros and a person walked right in between them and the camera. I wonder what Joe Rogan would have said in that situation?

Also, Joanne Spracklen struggled at times with her back-stage interviews. It brought a smile to my face thinking of all the interviews I have stumbled through. Welcome to the club, Joanne.

In the end, Drew Fickett put on some great performances and won the tournament with three first-round submissions. The fights were good and the production left plenty to be desired. Overall it was entertaining, but not always for the right reasons. And that my friends, is a good thing.

Next up, we’ll take a look at the Shark Fights 13 PPV. All I have to say is Bas Rutten and Don Frye … stay tuned.
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