Silva Gives Eldest Daughter a Grand Birthday Party

Jul 5, 2011

Anderson Silva gave a grand 15th to his daughter, Kaory. | Photo: Mauro Campos/Gazeta do Povo

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva briefly ceased his training to rematch Yushin Okami next month in Rio this past weekend to throw a grand 15th birthday party for his daughter Kaory in their home of Curitiba.

The party took place at Buffet du Batel, considered the fanciest party house in the state of Parana before nearly 400 friends, family and guests.

Sergio Cunha, a former Chute Boxe disciple and long-time friend of Silva, was impressed to say the least.

“I´ve been to many parties in my life, but I've never seen something like that," said Cunha, who was back in Brazil from the U.S. to lend a hand to Murilo Bustamante, as the other former UFC middleweight champion prepares for Japan's Yuya Shirai on July 20. "Anderson gave an unforgettable party to his daughter and to the 400 guests present."

According to Silva's former Chute Boxe teammate, instead of the traditional waltz, "The Spider" danced with his daughter to the music of his professed idol, Michael Jackson. After being applauded for the show with her father, Kaory danced the traditional waltz with uncles, cousins and grandfathers.

A black-tie affair, Silva wore a classic black bow tie and tuxedo to the party, while his wife wore a yellow ball gown. The couple has four other children, all younger than Kaory: Gabriel, 13; Kalil, 12; Kauana, 10 and Joao, 6.

No training partners of Silva attended the party in Curitiba. Invited celebrities Paris Hilton and soccer star Ronaldo didn't attend.
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