The Most Influential UFC Fights IV (of V)

By Jake Rossen Jul 9, 2009
Winding down our look at the 10 fights that were game-changers for the UFC’s Octagon.

Genki Sudo vs. Duane Ludwig (UFC 42, April 25, 2003)

Fighting in a ring -- with rules, in front of a crowd -- is an artificial environment, and no amount of crowing is about to change it. Most fighters accept that the outcome is one based on the template served up.

It doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. After Sudo appeared to gain control of the third round against Ludwig in an exciting fight, smashing his face to little orbital bits, referee John McCarthy halted the action to examine the damage. Ruling the fight would continue, he re-started them on the feet. Ludwig took control, stealing the round -- and the fight -- right out from under Sudo. Almost immediately, rules were ratified to make sure that after a medical break, athletes would be started from the same position.

The Winner: Ludwig via decision.

The Lesson: If it’s broke, fix it.
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