Wanderlei Silva Autographs Biography for Royce Gracie Ahead of Book Launch

By Marcelo Alonso Oct 6, 2020

While in Brazil for a series of seminars and family visits, Royce Gracie had lunch on Monday with Wanderlei Silva.

Gracie wrote the preface for Silva’s biography, which is entitled “Sem Coleira” and will be released on Thursday in Rio de Janeiro.

"It´s such an honor to have the preface of my book written by the man who started the sport,” Silva told Sherdog.com. “Actually that´s exactly what I autographed on his book: ‘To Royce Our [No. 1]. Thanks for everything always. [It is such an honor to give this autograph.’

Silva will hold a special book launch ceremony on Thursday promoted by Andre Pederneiras in Nova Uniao headquarters. Prominent names in Brazilian MMA such as Murilo Bustamante, Paulo Filho, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Carlos Barreto, Jose Aldo, Rafael dos Anjos and Pedro Rizzo will be in attendance.

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