You’re Insulting My Sensei: How Ron Van Clief Got in the UFC

By Staff Nov 22, 2013
Former UFC Executive Producer Campbell McLaren, on “Rewind,” discussing a strange meeting he had with Ron van Clief, who wanted a spot in the UFC and would later fight in UFC 4 when he was 51 years old:

“He had these three giant devotees with him, these three goony guys [screaming], ‘You’re insulting my sensei! You’re insulting my sensei!’ They were out of their minds. … He was like, ‘I’ll take off my shirt. You can punch me as hard as you want in the stomach.’ I said, ‘I don’t want to punch you in the stomach and I don’t want you to take off your shirt in my office.’ That was a very weird display. … I said to him, ‘If you can run the New York Marathon in some kind of professional time, I’ll put you in,’ and he did.”

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