‘TUF 6’ Down to Danzig, Speer

TUF Finale

Dec 8, 2007
With a sixth season of "The Ultimate Fighter" behind us, the MMA world can wash off the stench of reality television and look forward to not only another round of UFC hopefuls being declared our saviors but also to a main event matching up a pair of lightweights who can match Young Jeezy in the go-getter department.

Both Roger Huerta (Pictures) and Clay Guida (Pictures) can make themselves premier contenders in the lightweight division with a win here, and we all know Dana White is praying to any God that will listen for his Latin poster boy to survive his first real test in the Octagon.

Of course, no "Ultimate Fighter" finale would be complete without the coronation of a new fighter that will be crammed down the throat of fans everywhere. Competing for that honor will be Team Hughes members Mac Danzig (Pictures) and Tommy Speer in a bout that will keep Matt Hughes (Pictures)' perma-smirk intact.

If you spent most of the last few months obsessed with this season of "The Ultimate Fighter," this undercard will hold plenty of intrigue for you. If not, you'll just have to settle for seeing the future gatekeepers of the welterweight division in action.

So read on and take in the sweet, sweet aroma of reality TV-engineered MMA … It smells like Spam.

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