Preview: Sengoku ‘Sixth Battle’

Tournament Time

By Jordan Breen Oct 31, 2008
If the recent rush of UFC events -- and resulting debates over whether Anderson Silva is an upstanding, strategic sportsman or a detestable, godless puppykicker -- have not filled your MMA appetite, World Victory Road would like to tempt you with dessert: Saturday's sixth installment of Sengoku from the Saitama Super Arena -- a curious but hopefully satisfying combination of sweetness and fluff.

The toothsome traits? Tournaments. Sengoku's fine lightweight and middleweight final foursomes will ultimately be pared down to two bracket-busting badasses who will earn themselves early holiday gifts -- lightweight ace Takanori Gomi and middleweight star Kazuo Misaki, who await the winners in the early new year to battle over Sengoku's super-swanky title belts.

And, if tournaments aren't quite your bag, that Gomi chap is scheduled for a 15-minute-or-less workout session with a random Russian fellow, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has taken a break from robbing figurative ATMs, and freestyle wrestling stalwart turned MMA prospect Muhammed "King Get Dat Paper 25/8 Mo" Lawal, with his questionable collection of nipple rings, looks for his second pro MMA victory and hopefully a better fashion designer for his royal wears.
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