Pros Pick: St. Pierre vs. Penn II

The Pros Speak

The debate has been raging since the rematch was made official.

Will B.J. Penn’s jiu-jitsu or Georges St. Pierre’s wrestling prevail at UFC 94? Will Penn pound his left jab and unload a fight-ending right hand or will St. Pierre wear out “The Prodigy” and ground-and-pound his way to another victory?

Sherdog.com spoke with dozens of professional fighters and trainers for their thoughts on how the welterweight title fight will unfold.

Din Thomas: I’m going with BJ. That fool knocked me out. That right there is an accomplishment and should say it all.

Scott Bieri: Wow! Thanks, Dana White and crew, for this one. Tough to pick between two of the most gifted fighters ever. I like Penn’s skill set and fortitude to win this one. BJ will lick Georges’ blood from his gloves and throw fist-pump shakas postfight!

Rick Roufus: It has the hype of a Ray Leonard fight or a big heavyweight fight. It’s a big fight to start the year off. It’s gonna be a war. I don’t see the fight going to the ground much. (There’s) a lot of dislike between these two. Each is gonna try to take each other’s head off. It’s a tossup and it’s a tough fight to call. I’m going with GSP.

Guy Mezger: I am going with GSP. My head says Penn, but my gut tells me GSP.

John Hackleman: It will be a tough fight, but I think after some great standup with BJ having the edge, GSP will get a hard-fought takedown but lose by omaplata.

Falaniko Vitale: Gotta go with the local boy. Tough fight for BJ -- definitely another war. BJ, do your thing!

Cub Swanson: GSP by decision.

Matt Lindland: What an amazing fight. Two of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world. I have to go with the American and say BJ takes this one. I am really looking forward to watching this fight.

Nate Marquardt: GSP in round four.

Troy Mandaloniz: BJ is the meanest I’ve ever seen him. It may not be an easy fight for either of them, but BJ is the better fighter. More technique and more heart. BJ by TKO, round two.

Scott Lighty: BJ Penn. Go Team Hawaii!

Kevin Burns: I think it’s going to be one of the best fights of ’09 even though it’s so early in the year. I think BJ has his number so long as he doesn’t get tired and comes in shape. GSP will not go down easy, and unless he gets caught early, the fight will go into the later rounds. Can’t wait to see it!

Eddy Millis: This one’s tough, very tough. I believe this fight is going to be a war of attrition (with) stamina being the major factor. I’ll be pulling for BJ, but (I) believe St. Pierre may edge out a decision.

Ron Frazier: As good as GSP is, an in-shape and focused BJ Penn is better. BJ Penn wins a tough, hard-fought contest.

Travis Lutter: I think it will be a continuation of the last fight with BJ doing good early and Georges dominating in the later rounds. BJ has a puncher’s chance and could submit him, but I think Georges’ condition and wrestling will win in the end.

Chris Lytle: I’ll say GSP based purely on the coin I just flipped. It was tails.

Mike Whitehead: BJ by decision!

Erin Toughill: Yeah, this is a tough one, but I am gonna go with GSP. BJ Penn is a phenom, but I think that GSP is just going to be too big, strong and athletic for him. We know that the fighter who "looks" stronger is not the one who is better. But when you have two athletes that are very well rounded across the board, I think the bigger, naturally stronger, aggressive man will have the edge. BJ Penn's boxing is so dangerous, and GSP has his kicks. BJ has the BJJ and GSP has the wrestling. They are both great from the clinch and hard to control. I think GSP will pick his spots with his unorthodox kicking and will go for the takedowns and ground-and-pound. I think that is where GSP will impose his will on BJ. He’ll look to avoid subs from BJ and capitalize on the openings BJ gives him after trying to submit Georges. GSP will ground-and-pound the s--- out of him. This fight will go into the later rounds where BJ is known to gas. I pick GSP via TKO by ground-and-pound, round four.
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