PRIDE Bushido 7 Preview (Pt. 2)

Gono vs. Gracie

May 18, 2005
Akihiro Gono: Submission Fighting/Team GRABAKA • 5’9 • 183 lbs. • 21-10-7

Career Against Noteworthy Opponents:
• Murakami Kazunai (1-1)
Egan Inoue (0-1)
• Todd Bjornthun (0-1)
Jutaro Nakao (0-0-1)
Matt Hughes (0-1)
Lance Gibson (0-1)
Ivan Salaverry (1-0)
Murilo Rua (0-0-1)
Dustin Denes (0-0-1)
• Kei Yamamiya (2-0)
Ryuki Ueyama (1-0)
Yuki Kondo (0-1)
Kousei Kubota (1-0)
Chael Sonnen (0-0-1)
• Flavio Moura (1-0)
Nilson de Castro (2-0)
Mauricio Rua (0-1)

PRIDE Experience: 0-1

Crolsey Gracie: BJJ/Boxing/Muay Thai/ • 5’9 • 181lbs. • 2-0

Career Against Noteworthy Opponents:
Kiuma Kunioku (1-0)
Hayato Sakurai (1-0)

PRIDE Experience: 1-0

The Better Striker: Gono. As the All-Japan kickboxing heavyweight champion he should have an advantage on the feet. Gracie has shown he’s game to stand and trade but it is not second nature yet.

The Better Grappler: Gracie. Crosley is a Rio State, Brazilian National and Pan American jiu-jitsu titleholder. He knows the ground. Gono is a veteran but he has lost by submission more times than he’s won with one.

Motivating Factors/Intangibles: Gono says his theme for this event is “Lights Out” and he wants to prove something here. He’ll get a shot to prove a whole lot more if he advances to the tournament.

Gracie is a Gracie. That name carries its own pressure and responsibility, never mind a spot in a tournament is at stake. He still has to go home if he loses. Crosley is also undefeated in MMA and holds wins over two highly respected Japanese fighters.

And The Winner Is: Gracie. Gomi can still win but he always has to work extra hard with the Brazilians. Crosley has a lot of confidence for one with so little experience and it makes for a dangerous opponent. I see Gracie finishing him in the first round.
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