The Savage Truth - Behind the Scenes of UFC 47

Supporting Cast

By Greg Savage Apr 13, 2004
Now that we have the particulars identified, let’s see who this shows supporting cast turned out to be. The first straggler we picked up was Frank Trigg, who was in town to promote his upcoming fight with hated rival Dennis Hallman. Trigg ended up hanging with us for a majority of the day-and-a half leading up to fight night and let me tell you, that guy was nonstop comedy from the get go, right up to his video interview after the show (check for it in the coming days on

Spending time with Trigg was an exercise in futility if you ever want to get a word in. This guy loves himself more than Dana White loves Phil Baroni. At least he was interesting and funny, telling some pretty crazy stories about his adventures as a bodyguard for some of the top stripper-porn stars...err, I mean adult actresses.

Well maybe we should fill you in on exactly what we do while covering an event. Thursday afternoon we all shuffled down to the Events Center, picked up our credentials and set up for the weigh-ins. Being the stealthy behind the scenes reporter that I am, I hear a conversation in the press center between Zuffa employees discussing the Sylvia controversy.

It is official, Sylvia is out and Arlovski will be fighting Cabbage while Mike Kyle will be fighting Wes Sims. I am dialing as I leave the scene and have editor Garrett Poe on the line, filling him in on the news. About a minute later the Zuffa employee asks me not to tell a soul, that the information will be released at the press conference. Oops.

In the mean time, our boy Hartneck is having problems getting by security so I go out to the door to see if I can help him out. About that time Tim Sylvia comes strolling in, ready to weigh-in. He is stopped by Zuffa employees and you can see he is visibly crushed by the news he knows he is about to receive. Lesson number one boys and girls, if you are going to cheat, make sure you don’t get caught. Big Tim will end up making only his $750 per diem and even if you live in Iowa that still don’t go very far.

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