18 Questions for Chris Lytle

Thiago Alves, Firefighting

Jan 14, 2009
Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Lytle wants a rematch
with Thiago Alves.
Sherdog.com: You mentioned Thiago Alves. That fight ended on a cut. Is that a fight you want to revisit?
Lytle: Oh yeah, I’d love to fight [Alves]. Like I’m saying, that’s the type of fighter I’m really wanting to fight right now. I like his style a lot. He’s gonna come at me wanting to take me out and I’m gonna take him out. I don’t want anybody that’s trying to win a decision. I want somebody that’s trying to take my head off. I understand what’s going on; he’s a number one title contender right now. Him fighting me is stupid right now, not much to gain by it. Last time we fought it was a dogfight. It was one round a piece. It was a good fight. If things work out in the right way, maybe we can do it again.

Sherdog.com: You can’t be too hard on yourself, Chris. Anyone that beats you beats the guy with the best boxing at welterweight, right?
Lytle: [Laughs] I like where you’re at there.

Sherdog.com: What’s your prediction for your fight with Marcus Davis?
Lytle: My main prediction is I just don’t think anybody is going to be disappointed with this fight. No matter what happens, it’s either going to end spectacularly or the fight’s gonna be spectacular. No matter what, people are going to be happy with what happens.

Sherdog.com: Are you still doing firefighting full time and old-school training, bouncing from individual discipline gyms to individual discipline?
Lytle: Oh yeah! Yeah. I’ve been happy with how things have been going lately, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Sherdog.com: Would you ever consider going to an MMA camp or fighting full time?
Lytle: Pretty much not. I’m one of the few guys that’s lucky that I have something I enjoy in addition to fighting. When I go to work, I leave, I have a good feeling and I’m happy that I was there and everything. I feel better about myself the next day. I like the people I work with. Everything’s great. I have trouble giving that up.

In fighting, like you said, I’ve been around for 11 years, I’m always one injury away from being done [laughs]. It’d be hard for me to give up something that I enjoy because I couldn’t come back to this. It’d be too late for me to get back to the firehouse. I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing.

Sherdog.com: It’s funny, you probably have the most noble professions a civilian can have. Your kids must love that?
Lytle: Oh yeah, they have bragging rights in the neighborhood.

Sherdog.com: Any final words for fans?
Lytle: Get ready for 2009. It’s gonna be a busy year for me. I’m hoping by the end of this year, anytime somebody sees I’m on a pay-per-view card, they’re like, “I’m buying it no matter what!” Just because they know I’m gonna bring it.
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