Sherdog’s Top 10: Greatest Single Strikes in MMA History

No. 4

By Brian Knapp Oct 15, 2016

4. Michael Page (Knee) vs. Evangelista Santos
Bellator 158
July 16, 2016 | London

Blossoming London Shootfighters star Page knocked out Santos with a spectacular flying knee in the second round of their welterweight showcase. The undefeated Page brought it to a close 4:31 into round two, whipping the crowd into a passionate frenzy. The real story unfolded afterward, when the true toll of the blow was revealed.

After a fast start, the two men engaged one another at close range and on the ground -- Santos pressed the clinch in a bid for takedowns -- to finish the first round, giving no inclination of what was to come. In the middle stanza, Page doubled over “Cyborg” with a body kick, gave chase and cut down the Brazilian with an exquisitely placed knee strike upstairs. No follow-up shots were necessary on the fallen Santos, who hit the canvas in agony, his face buried in his hands.

The extent of the damage was not known until after the fight. Santos had suffered a skull fracture, leaving him with a visible dent in his forehead.

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