Both Sides of the Story: Three Chapters that Changed Vale Tudo History in Brazil

By Gleidson Venga and Marcelo Alonso Sep 6, 2019

“History is written by the victors.” -- Winston Churchill

This iconic statement, attributed to many, fits perfectly in the history of humanity. Long-time Sherdog collaborators and friends Marcelo Alonso and Gleidson Venga from Brazil’s trusted Portal do Vale-Tudo outlet are showing that accurate history can be detailed from all participants, regardless of how disputed the outcome has become.

Alonso and Venga produced a documentary (English subtitles included) showing both sides of the most polemical chapters of Brazilian Vale-Tudo history:

1. The day Rickson Gracie challenged Marco Ruas and all Luta-Livre members in Boqueirao
2. The fight between Hugo Duarte and Rickson Gracie in Pepe Beach
3. The day Hugo and 100 Luta-Livre members invaded Gracie Academy to get revenge.

These critical chapters in vale tudo and mixed martial arts history took place in Rio de Janeiro circa 1988 and are recounted by Marco Ruas, Rilion Gracie, Hugo Duarte, Wallid Ismail and Eugenio Tadeu. Do yourself a favor and watch this.

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