Buck Stops Aniolek Quick in Cage Warriors

Dec 8, 2007
NOTTINGHAM, England, Dec. 8 -- Cage Warriors returned once again to the Harvey Hadden Sports Complex and delivered an incredible night of action that saw each of the eight MMA bouts finish inside the first round.

In the main event, well-supported local fighter Wayne Buck (Pictures) captured victory in only 26 seconds as he quickly took his fight with Victor Aniolek to the floor and finished with a tight keylock.

Buck seized control with a charging takedown that put him straight in mount position. After a brief battle for wrist control, the Tap or Snap fighter immediately switched to the armlock, bringing a swift conclusion to the evening as Aniolek elected to tap, rather than hear the inevitable snap.

Dan Hardy (Pictures) returned from Japan eagerly eyeing his chance to make up for a very disappointing -- and potentially unwarranted -- disqualification loss to Yoshiyuki Yoshida (Pictures) after an accidental low blow in the final of the Cage Force welterweight tournament.

Obviously keen to put the incident behind him, Hardy immediately went to work on his Spanish opponent, Manuel Garcia. "Manu" was no slouch and quickly moved in for a takedown. The Roughhouse fighter saw the shot coming from the other side of the room and sprawled down on Garcia, who ruggedly persisted with his attempt.

To his credit, Hardy remained calm throughout and soon worked his way back to his feet. As the fighters clinched against the cage, Garcia was very close to a seated position, but, as the Roughhouse corner excitedly pointed out, the Spaniard was touching the ground with nothing but his feet.

Legally able to punish his opponent from the position, Hardy caught him with a vicious knee to the head, causing the Spaniard to roll to his back. Smelling blood, the Nottingham fighter fired off a vicious series of punches that forced Garcia to submit just over two minutes into the contest.

"Judo" Jim Wallhead (Pictures) fought superbly in his cheerful, but bone-crunching cage, kickboxing bout with wily veteran, Paul Jenkins (Pictures).

Perhaps boosted by his recent selection for the British International Fight League team, Wallhead looked sharper than a razor-wire fence as he bashed the plucky "Hands of Stone" with low kicks and effortless punching combinations to claim a unanimous decision.

Nickname of the Year winner, Chas "Morbid Angel" Jacquier made a great impression on the crowd as he submitted Irishman Mark O'Toole after an intense scramble on the ground.

Jacquier showed some solid wrestling as he took O'Toole to the floor, however, the UFR fighter was able to slip out of his grasp, but ate a huge right hand as he regained his feet.

As the ground fight resumed, O'Toole did fantastically to spin round to reclaim guard, immediately trapping the American in a triangle choke. Jacquier defended expertly and within seconds was threatening with a triangle of his own in the back and forth ground battle.

Switching to an armbar, the "Morbid Angel" straightened O'Toole's arm in a very unorthodox way, giving the Irishman no choice but to tap.

Wolfslair fighter Lukasz Les made an extremely impressive debut as he took down and submitted Roughhouse fighter, Lee Livingstone (Pictures). Showing one of the fastest -- and lowest -- shots the Cage Warriors promotion has ever seen, Les took the fight swiftly to the floor.

Livingstone managed to stand and score with his own takedown, but a neat reversal from the Wolfslair fighter put him back on top. Suddenly dropping back to tie up a straight Achilles lock, Les applied enough pressure to force his opponent to tap out.

In a B-class professional bout, one of the most serious and damaging fouls possible is to apply a prohibited twisting anklelock. Unfortunately, the heat of the moment got the better of Wolfslair fighter, Dave Faulkner, in his bout with Dean Amasinger, as he instinctively clamped on a heelhook, leaving his shocked opponent howling in agony.

Quite correctly, Faulker was immediately disqualified, handing victory to his hobbling opponent. In his defense, Faulkner was massively apologetic to his opponent and the Roughhouse corner, but sadly, an apology was not enough to stop Amasinger's ankle from swelling up at an alarming rate.

Ross Pearson dominated his fight with local fighter, "Psycho" Steve Tetley (Pictures), controlling the fight on the ground before sinking an armbar, seconds before the end of round one. Tetley has some evil Thai boxing and managed to show the crowd one nasty low kick before the Sunderland fighter caught on, taking him to the mat as he threw a second.

Once the fight hit the mat, however, Tetley went into defensive mode and had no answer for Pearson's slick grappling. The Roughhouse man managed to fight off a rear-naked choke attempt, before succumbing to an armbar to the delight of the Sunderland fighter.

In heavyweight action, F's Freestyle fighter Chris Cooper (Pictures) bullied his outweighed and overmatched opponent, Svajunas Siacuila all over the cage, before pounding him on the mat to a referee's stoppage in little over three minutes.

Weighing in at only 189 pounds, the Lithuanian deserves credit for even taking the bout with a decent heavyweight like Cooper -- however, his guts were not enough to match Cooper's brawn. Once the F's Freestyle fighter took mount position, there was no coming back for Siacuila. Aware of this, referee Neil Hall wisely stepped in to save him from further punishment.

Well-supported independent fighter Karsten Lenjoint set the pace for the evening's action in his bout with Chris Trowton. Chasing after the armbar at every opportunity, Lenjoint eagerly pursued the submission; however, Trowton gave a good account of himself, showing real power as he slammed his way clear of the first attempt and slipped out of the second.

Unfortunately for Trowton, the local fighter was a bit too crafty for him and snatched victory with a tight triangle choke in the later stages of the first round.

In kickboxing action, Brett Healy suffered an unfortunate arm injury after only 15 seconds as he blocked a right high kick from Andy Webb -- virtually the first strike thrown in the contest. Known as a brave battler, there was obviously something seriously wrong as Healy held out his left glove, grimacing in pain. The paramedics rushed to his aid, later confirming that his arm was indeed broken.
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