Guimond Defends Total Fighting Alliance Belt

By Kevin Finn and Dave Mandel Jan 20, 2008
SANTA MONICA, Calif., Jan. 19 -- A sold out Santa Monica Civic Center played host to the ninth installment of Total Fighting Alliance. With most fighters hailing from the Southern California area, every corner was backed by a vocal audience filled with fight school support.

Todd Guimond (Pictures)'s TFA belt was on the line against Rick McCorkel in the main event. The start of the fight found Guimond pressing McCorkel against the cage fighting off a guillotine. Despite missing on the first choke, McCorkel transitioned smoothly into a triangle, replacing his arms with his legs in attempts to put Guimond to sleep.

Guimond was having none of it and proceeded to lift and slam McCorkel repeatedly to loosen the grip around his neck. The fourth attempt seemed to do the trick as enough space opened up to allow Guimond to start raining down punches with is free hand managing to knockout McCorkel at 1:24 of the first round with a triangle choke on the verge of being locked in.

The penultimate fight of the night pitted Rickson Gracie (Pictures) black-belt Shane Rice (Pictures) against Subfighter trained Jeff Willingham (Pictures), leading to the question of the night: Who could dictate the direction of the fight?

Rice, a highly accomplished jiu-jitsu player, quickly worked for a takedown but Willingham was able to stuff a single-leg attempt and respond with knees. Another takedown attempt left Rice on the bottom of a closed guard countering Willingham's fists with sub attempts. An errant punch from Wilingham was all Rice needed to secure a loose arm and the tap at 1:08 of the first round.

Greg White (Pictures)'s night against Justin Schalk ended prematurely in the first round. Not long after the opening bell, White was on the receiving end of right hands and elbows from Schalk from the bottom of the half guard.

In trouble of getting the fight stopped early and with his corner bellowing him get up, White made it to his knees only to be on the receiving end of at least three illegal knees to the head. With knees to a downed opponent considered an illegal strike, referee Nelson "Doc" Hamilton was forced to peel Schalk off his opponent and push him back to the his corner.

White lay face down, unable to continue, and Schalk attemped to explain his story to anyone who would listen. Hamilton was forced to disqualify Schalk at 59 seconds of the first round due to illegal blows.

In the night's war of attrition Riverside Submission's Bobby Green took everything Ultimate Fighting Academy's Neal Abrams could throw at him, literally shaking his head in defiance and returning all the punishment, with interest.

Tired from the pace, Abrams began to show fatigue by the third round as Green caught a slow kick, followed up with a takedown and quick mount. With little left in the tank, Abrams was unable to stop the barrage Green unleashed from the mount and the fight was stopped at 1:20 of the third round.

Santa Monica's local Team Fight Science fighter Mozzy Arfa made quick work of Riverside's Wayne Lunsford by slamming him violently to the mat and followed up with unchecked hammer fists from the side-control. With Lunsford unable to defend himself intelligently, "Doc" Hamilton stopped the fight at 48 seconds of the first round.

Local Krav Maga favorite John "Junior" Merkle traded submission attempts with Aaron Paberzis before being able to lock in the back-control with a body triangle and ending the fight with a rear-naked choke at 2:13 of round one.

The third fight of the evening was a flurry between Los Angeles's Nick Quintong and Riverside's Phillip Brown.

After a back-and-forth first round Quintong opened the second by rattling Brown with a straight right. Trying to take quick advantage, Quintong closed the distance only to have Brown counter by jumping over the shot, securing Quintong's back with hooks in and applying a rear-naked choke. Quintong went to sleep rather than tapping although Brown, still shaken by the initial blow, was slow to get up himself after the fight was stopped 35 seconds into the second round.

Oxnard's Dennis Chapman's top position and constant pressure won him a split decision over Simi Valley's Brandon Adams (Brandon Adams' class='LinkSilver'>Pictures)

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu fighter Julio Sotomayor putting on a dominant ground display against Chris Champagne ending in a textbook armbar from the mount at 1:21 of the second round.
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