MMA Gradebook: Rating Every Fight from UFC on ESPN+ 2

By Kevin Wilson Feb 5, 2019
If you’re like us and watch an absurd amount of mixed martial arts each week, you probably wished there was some sort of rating system so you’re not forced to sit through a boring fight waiting for something to happen. In order to help, we at Sherdog rate the fights on major cards for your convenience. If you happen to miss an event, check back here for ratings so you can pick and choose which bouts to watch and which to skip.

Fights are ranked on the scale shown here, based on competitiveness, the skill and technique on display, excitement, and the story and drama of the contest. However, just because a fight is one-sided doesn't mean it receives a bad rating. Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega, for example, would have scored high for Holloway’s showcase of technique and the overall drama despite it being a one-sided domination. With that out of the way, let's get into this week’s bouts.

Rogerio Bontorin vs Magomed Bibulatov

Bontorin was one of the biggest underdogs on the card and ended up taking home a split decision victory over the highly touted prospect Bibulatov. Not much action in this fight outside of the second round and a few exchanges in the 3rd, but it was far from a boring fight, so this gets an average rating. [2.0]

Said Nurmagomedov vs. Ricardo Ramos

Said had a lot of hype behind him coming into the UFC due to being training partners with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and so far, he has lived up to the expectations. Nurmagomedov was looking to land his kicks early and often and two minutes into the first round he landed a beautiful spinning back kick to the body that dropped Ramos and finished the fight with a flurry against the cage. For the quick finish and a rare spinning back kick to the body knockout, this gets a 2.75-star rating. [2.75]

Geraldo de Freitas vs Felipe Colares

If you’re a fan of back and forth grappling this fight is a must-watch. The pair of debuting Brazilians put on a great fight filled with exciting grappling exchanges and near-finishes on the feet. Although Freitas clearly won the unanimous decision, Colares did not make it easy on him and gave it his all until the final bell. Just as it seemed Freitas could separate from the clinch and unload with strikes for the finish, he would shoot for a takedown and Colares was able to scramble or reverse to a dominant position. Freitas’s odd decision making allowed this to go to a decision, but it also led to a great fight. [3.0]

Jairzinho Rozenstruick vs Junior Albini

Most fans probably didn’t know who Rozenstruick was before this fight, but he is a former pro kickboxer and it was evident from the start that Albini wanted nothing to do with his striking. The first round was rather boring with Albini doing everything in his power to get the fight to the ground. By the second round, Rozenstruick knew he couldn’t handle the grappling and opened the round aggressive. He then lands a beautiful left hook to overhand right, followed up by a left high kick that rocked Albini, and finished the fight with a flurry of ground-and-pound. For the finish and surprise KO from a debuting fighter, this gets a 2.5.

Thiago Alves vs. Max Griffin

This fight is going to be overlooked for the horrible decision by the judges, but it was a good fight nonetheless. Griffin easily won the first round and it looked like he was going to run away with this one before Alves hurt him multiple times in the second and won the round. The third round was close, and Alves was more aggressive than usual, but Griffin still won the round. In the end, the Brazilian judges gave it to the Brazilian (shocker) but this fight is still worth your time for the back and forth action and Alves’s comeback in the second round. [2.75]

Mara Romero Borella vs Taila Santos

There were a few decent moments in this fight but overall it was stagnant and boring, and the referee let them work on the ground far too long when nothing was happening. If you missed this one, just act like it didn’t happen. [1.0]

Markus Perez vs Anthony Hernandez

Most fans and media seemed to be taking the debuting Hernandez, but Perez showed him there is a major step up in competition once you enter the UFC. Hernandez has a ridiculous chin and willingness to stand and trade which always makes for a good fight and Perez is much of the same. After a crazy first round, Perez hurt him with a body kick to open the 2nd round and locked up a standing anaconda choke before taking him to the ground and finishing the choke. Back and forth action, a quick finish, and the belief that Hernandez was still in this fight until the finish makes this an above average fight. [3.0]

Livia Renata Souza vs. Sarah Frota

Oddly the only two female fights on this card went the same way with both fights mostly taking place on the ground with stagnant action and the referee refusing to stand them up. Souza landed the same takedown over and over again and just couldn’t get anything going on the ground but still came out victorious. [1.0]

Johnny Walker vs. Justin Ledet

A 15 second knockout is always going to be worth your time, but this receives such a high rating because Walker knocked him out with a lead leg hook kick to spinning back fist combo that we will be talking about all year. Seriously, just go watch it. [3.5]

Charles Oliveira vs. David Teymur

This fight started off very strange with Oliveria taking one of the worst eye pokes I have ever seen and then taking another seconds after the fight restarted. After the eye poke fiasco, Oliveria was looking for revenge and was out striking Teymur to end the round. Oliveria opens the second round with a lead step in upward elbow that rocks Teymur before locking up the second standing anaconda choke of the night and dragging him to the mat for the finish. That Anderson Silva-esque elbow that Oliveira landed -- and him adding to his submission record -- gets this fight a 3.

Demian Maia vs. Lyman Good

Classic Demian Maia performance with him taking the fight to the ground early, immediately taking his back and slowly waiting for Good to make a mistake and open himself up for the rear naked choke. This performance was even more impressive considering Maia is 41. [2.5]

Jose Aldo vs Renato Carneiro

After a feeling out process in the first round that “Moicano” most likely won, Aldo came out in the second with a beautiful hook to the body that hurt “Moicano” and then unloaded with punches against the cage until the ref jumped in. Just as everyone was counting Aldo out, he puts on two of the best performances of his career against Jeremy Stephens and “Moicano” and showed the importance of attacking the body. [3.0]

Marlon Moraes vs Raphael Assuncao

Dominant performance from Moraes, and his boxing looked insanely improved from his last few fights. Assuncao has long been one of the most underrated fighters in the UFC and Moraes comes out with the perfect game plan and hurts him on the feet before locking up a guillotine for the finish. It would be a crime if the UFC didn’t give Moraes a title shot after this performance, but it won't be a surprise if he gets snubbed. [3.0]
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