Sengoku 'Tenth Battle' Play-by-Play & Results

Sep 23, 2009's Tony Loiseleur reports from the Saitama Super Arena near Tokyo with live play-by-play and results of Sengoku "Tenth Battle."

The card is headlined by Antonio Silva versus "Big" Jim York and Hiroshi Izumi vs. Antz Nansen.

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Ryosuke Komori vs. Jae Hyun So
Round 1
So takes Komori down with the outside trip and lands in half guard, starts throwing small punches to the head and torso. So fighting for posture to drop punches, Komori pulling on his head to minimize damage and having only some success at it. Komori recovers full guard, goes for the omaplata to set up a sweep and fails, going back to half-guard. Komori reaches for a leg to apply the heel hook. So is spinning to escape, dropping punches to Komori's face all the while. So takes Komori's back, threatens with RNC. 2 minutes left, and So puts on the body triangle. Komori spins So off and sets himself in the Korean's guard before falling back for another leg lock. So sits up and punches Komori back into guard. So passes to half guard and is fully postured up, slamming down the punches. Komori squirming and finally puts So in danger going for another leg lock. 10-9 So.

Round 2
Komori lands a low kick, misses superman punch, and gets taken down into guard. So punching body-body-head while trying to posture. So passes to half and Komori looks like he's setting up an Ezekiel choke from bottom. It looks tight for two seconds, but So eventually squirms out and slams a few punches down for Komori's trouble. Komori scrambles and So takes his back, hammerfisting the side of his head. So threatening again with the choke as Komori holds on at the 3 min mark. Komori isn't really beat up, but he definitely looks like he regrets waking up this morning. Yoshinori Umeki, the scourge of all MMA, stands So and Komori up for lack of action, warning both for being tentative. On the feet, the bang it out until Komori tags So with a big shot, forcing him to take Komori down. From side, So drops more punches and several knees to the side of the head. 10-9 for So.

Tenshin Matsumoto: So Takashi Kobayashi: 20-18 So Kenichi Serizawa: 20-17 So.

No score was announced for judge Tenshin Matsumoto. Rather, it was announced that he voted for Jee Hyun So.

Shigeki Osawa vs. Ki Hyun Kim
Round 1
Kim opens up with punches on Osawa, pushing him into the ropes, Osawa circles out and begins lunging for punches. Osawa gets the outside trip after missing some punches, lands in side. Kim fights to his feet, Osawa headlocks and throws some knees to the face that glance. Kim breaks free and muscles Osawa to the canvas this time. From side, Kim knees the body and delivers short punches. Kim goes for an armbar from behind and Osawa gets up. Kim punches him up a bit in the corner. Osawa lunges back with some punches of his own, lands a few. Kim throws a leg kick, Osawa catches it and as Kim falls, Osawa lands about five solid shots to the face. From top in half guard, Osawa drops short punches as Kim holds onto Osawa's head. Kim reestablishes full guard at the last 30, tries to set up an armbar. Osawa steps back and Kim stands. Kim punches Osawa into the corner and Osawa fires back at the bell. Reckless Osawa manages to lock up a close 10-9.

Round 2
They fire at each other and Osawa gets cracked with a big left hook. Osawa lunges with a one two hook combo and they go wide, grazing. Osawa evading some big high kicks, but gets tagged with punches. Osawa has had enough and shoots the double right into Kim's guard. Kim punching from bottom and Osawa punching the body on top. Kim trying to do the rubber guard and failing. About a minute of that and referee Samio Kimura stands them up with a warning for stalling. Two minutes left and Osawa is throwing low kicks as Kim fires back with one-twos. Kim is cut over the outside of his left eye. Kimura stops the fight a moment to have Kim cleaned up. Upon resuming, Osawa's tactic is to throw a low kick followed by a loaded up right hook. He tags Kim a few times, making him bleed a little more. Osawa catches a high kick and tries to get Kim to the mat, but the bell goes. 10-9 Kim.

Official scores: Matsumoto: 20 – 19 Osawa, Kobayashi: 20 – 19 Osawa and Serizawa: 20 – 18 Osawa.

Ikuo Usuda vs. Woo Hyon Baek
Round 1
After 30 seconds of measuring each other, Usuda steams in with punches into the clinch and takes Baek down in the corner. Usuda sits up and starts dropping hammers from half guard. Baek gets full guard back and ties up Usuda's arms. Usuda frees himself for more violence, punching Baek's head out of the ropes. Referee Kimura pulls them back into bounds and Usuda thanks him by punching his way to half guard. Baek misses a kimura attempt from bottom and earns a few more punches for it. Baek recovers full guard and Kimura repositions them again. Usuda gets on his haunches and pounds away. Baek misses the armbar attempt, eats more punches. Baek scrambling to his feet, eating punches, and Usuda stuffs his desperate takedown attempt to put him back on the bottom and Usuda wails away. Baek reaching for the sky, trying to wait out the last ten seconds, but Kimura lunges in for the save at 4:59 of the first.

Maximo Blanco vs. Tetsuya Yamada
Round 1
Blanco storms out of his corner and tries to land a knee as Yamada flops to his back. Yamada scrambles and hops on Blanco’s back, and he’s got both hooks in. Yamada transitions to an armbar and allows Blanco to take the top position following an escape. The fighters stand and Yamada slips throwing a head kick. Blanco egages the ground fighter and gets sucked into his guard. Yamada stands quickly in an attempt to take the back of his prey. The technique fails, and both fighters are standing again. Yamada closes the distance and successfully pulls a guard. Blanco stacks and fights off an armbar. Yamada is showing an offensive guard.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Blanco
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Yamada
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Blanco

Round 2
Yamada pulls guard to start round two. Blanco punches the head from guard. Yamada looks for an armbar and Blanco lands a hard punch and a knee that open up the Japanese fighter’s nose. Yamada turns his back and Blanco knees him sharply in the rectum. Punches to the ribs connect and referee Tomoki Matsumiya steps in to halt the bout. Maxi Blanco wins by TKO at 1:12 of the second period.

Takenori Sato vs. Joe Doerksen
Round 1
Doerksen kicks the body with his right foot. Sato returns fire with the same strike. Doerksen lands a right hand and down goes Sato. Doerksen swarms with punches and referee Ryogaku Wada watches closely. Sato gets to guard and clears the cobwebs. Doerksen punches from the top position and fights off a leg attempt. Sato stands and Doerksen suplexes him to the canvas. Sato sweeps and begins to punch with his right hand from the top. Doerksen gets to his feet and Sato follows. Doerksen is thrown to the mat, but he’s able to control the scramble. Sato looks for a guillotine choke before the bell.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Doerksen
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Doerksen
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Doerksen

Round 2
Sato lands a clean left-hook counter to the chin. Doerksen lands a low kick that knocks Sato off balance. Doerksen attacks with punches and Sato gets to guard. Doerksen pounds the body with his right hand as Sato keeps tight positioning. Sato sweeps. Sato passes guard and then gives up dominant position with a weak armbar attempt. Doerksen begins to hit the body and he passes to half guard and then mount. Referee Wada gives Doerksen no time to work before standing the fighters for no explainable reason. The move doesn’t faze the Canadian, as he lands a right and left hook that hurt his opponent. Sato goes down to avoid punishment and Doerksen finishes with punches until Wada steps in at the 4:27 mark.

Nick Thompson vs. Dan Hornbuckle
Round 1
Hornbuckle drops levels for a single and Thompson stuffs it and moves to a standing kimura. Hornbuckle hits a suplex and takes Thompson’s back on the ground. Thomson still has the kimura as Hornbuckle moves to side control. Hornbuckle escapes and looks for a rear-naked choke. Thompson escapes and Hornubuckle stands in his guard. Referee Tomoki Matsumiya stands the fighters and Hornbuckle wastes little time in attacking with punches. Hornbuckle lands a straight left that snaps his opponent’s head back. Thompson lands a right uppercut to the chin and Hornbuckle connects with a kicki to the body.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Hornbuckle
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Hornbuckle
Tony Loiseleur scores the round 10-9 Hornbuckle

Round 2
Thompson is bleeding from a cut above his right eye following a punching exchange early in the frame. Matsumiya has the ring doctor check the cut. The fight is resumed with four minutes left in the round. Hornbuckle lands a two-piece punch combo and Thompson is reeling. Hornbuckle swarms with punches from both hands to the head and body. A right hand clips Thompson and he goes down. Matsumiya steps in and calls it at 1:30 of the second stage.

Ryo Kawamura vs. Fabio Silva
Round 1
Kawamura lands a digging body shot and Silva makes him pay with powershots to the chin from both hands. Kawamura, wearing modified NFL-logo trunks, goes to the clinch, where he is roughed up by knees to the body from the Thai plum. Silva trips Kawamura to the mat and begins to work from the top in half guard. Silva stands and unloads on the grill of Kawamura. Lefts and rights connect, sending Kawamura to the floor. Silva continues to abuse the hurt fighter with a knee to the head and more punches until the towel comes in at 2:28, stopping the bout.

Kazunori Yokota vs. Ryan Schultz
Round 1
Schultz goes after the lead leg of Yokota with low kicks. The fighters clinch and Yokota is warned for holding the ropes. The fighters separate and Yokota knocks him out cold with a right hook. Schultz’s head hits the floor hard and he is in a deep sleep. A left hand and three rights connect with the chin before referee Kenichi Serizawa comes to the rescue. 2:31 is the official time.'s Tony Loiseleur reports that Ryan Schultz was taken backstage, and while he's walking around and is cognizant, says he does not feel very well. He has been taken to the hospital to get checked up.

Sengoku's NYE show "Sengoku Raiden Championship" will go head-to-head with FEG's K-1 Dynamite on Dec. 31 at the Ariake Coliseum. Raiden is likely a reference to a legendary sumo Yokozuna from Japan's Edo period.

Makoto Takimoto vs. Jae Sun Lee
Round 1
Takimoto defends a head kick and trips Lee to the canvas. Takimoto controls from half guard and beats on the side of his opponent’s head with his left hand. Lee scrambles and gets caught in a guillotine choke. Lee frees his head and attacks the face of Takimoto with right-handed hammer punches. Lee passes to side control. Lee mounts and Takimoto gives up his back. Takimoto defends the rear-naked choke and ends up flat on his back. Lee moves to side control and Takimoto gets to his feet. Referee Samio Kimura stands Lee and Takimoto throws him with a hane goshi judo toss.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Lee
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Lee
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Lee

Round 2
The fighters exchange weak strikes on the feet and Takimoto gets a sneaky takedown as Lee switched levels. Lee changes position and takes the top, where he quickly advances to mount. Lee stands and hops into half guard. Lee lands a series of punches and stomps on the face of the judoka. Lee jumps back into half guard. Lee knees the liver after passing to side control. Shoulder punches connect with the face of the Japanese fighter. Takimoto stands and quickly gets a kouchi gari trip takedown. Lee gets to his knees and is kneed in the head while on fours, which is also legal in Sengoku.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Takimoto
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Lee
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Takimoto

Round 3
Takimoto trips an off-balanced Lee to the mat. Takimoto punches the body while his opponent holds an open guard. Lee sweeps, but Takimoto answers with a sweep of his own. Takimoto hits the head with his left hand from a tight half guard. The fighters are stood and Lee connects with a right hand. A kosoto gari from Takimoto deposits Lee to the floor. Takimoto controls tightly from half guard as he punches the head. Takimoto tries to mount in the final seconds, but Lee is game.

Jordan Breen scores the round 10-9 Takimoto (29-28 Takimoto)
Rob King scores the round 10-9 Takimoto (29-28 Lee)
Mike Fridley scores the round 10-9 Takimoto (29-28 Takimoto)

Official judges:
Kenichi Serizawa: 30-30 ("must" for Takimoto)
Takashi Kobayashi: 30-28 Takimoto
Tomoki Matsumiya: 30-29 Takimoto

Takimoto takes the unanimous decision.

Antonio Silva vs. Jim York
Round 1
The fighters strike from an inefficient range for the first 90 seconds. Silva gets a takedown against the ropes and York falls out of the ring. Referee Ryogaku Wada restarts the fight on the feet. York lights Silva up with a right hand. Silva dives in and clinches before scoring a trip takedown. Silva moves to half guard and unloads his right hand. Silva sets up a kata gatame from half guard. He advances to side control and secures a tap from the arm-triangle choke at 3:51 of the first.

Hiroshi Izumi vs. Antz Nansen
Round 1
Nansen comes out swinging for the fences. Mixing in low kicks with his haymakers, Nansen gets the best of a trade. Izumi gets clipped, but he fires back and connects with a right hand. A right-hand lead connects for the Japanese fighter. Izumi throws caution to the wind and continues to stand in the line of fire. He pays for it. A right hand lands flush for Nansen. And another that drops Izumi. Izumi stands wobbly and is floored again with a right hand. Referee Umeki does a great job in letting Izumi fight out of danger. Izumi recovers and nearly gets on Nansen’s back. Nansen stands and unloads on Izumi’s face. A right hand knocks Izumi out cold. Game over at 2:56 of the first.
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