‘TUF 20’ Recap: Episode 6

By C.J. Tuttle Oct 28, 2014

This week’s episode centers around the preliminary pairing of Aisling Daly and Angela Magana.

Magana speaks about her rough childhood, which included her being born addicted to heroin because of her parents’ usage. Magana uses this to push her in the sport of mixed martial arts, and drives her to be a better parent to her daughter.

Tecia Torres is dealing with animosity because of being forced to switch teams. Alex Chambers is happy to have Torres, as she feels Torres has a lot to offer.

Daly -- who has dealt with depression in her past -- asked to sit out of practice because of an illness. She reveals that she is having trouble dealing with the heat, as she is used to cooler weather in her native Ireland.

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White stops by to speak with Daly about how she is acclimating to the weather change. White says that if Daly needs anything, all she has to do is ask him personally.

Magana broke her back in 2007 after she had been drinking, but she fought five weeks after being out of a body cast. Magana also dealt with the death of her fiance the day after they had gotten engaged. All of these setbacks have made her stronger; she credits MMA as being her “saving grace.”

Gilbert Melendez is feeling a bit of pressure because his team is 0-5 to start the season. He also acknowledges that he chose Magana over Daly in the first episode. On the other side, Anthony Pettis claims that Daly hits very hard, and believes she is going to “smash” Magana.

The castmates watch UFC Fight Night “McGregor vs. Brandao,” where Daley gets a shout out from Patrick Holohan. Daly says the moment reaffirmed everything that she is trying to accomplish in the house.

The fight opens with Magana pushing Daly up against the cage while the Irishwoman throws uppercuts on the inside. Magana manages to take the fight to the mat, quickly takes Daly’s back and attempts a rear-naked choke which Daly defends successfully. Daly attempts to stand multiple times but Magana continues to keep the fight grounded. With two minutes left, Daly finally stands and begins throwing big punches. Daly presses Magana against the cage, but Magana flips the script and fails at a single-leg takedown attempt. Daly confidently throws some shots that graze her opponent, but Magana takes the fight down one more time to close the frame.

The second round opens with Magana shooting for a takedown and eating some punches in the process. Magana seems to be tiring. Daly presses the fight against the cage, but Magana spins her around and changes levels. The women separate, but Magana comes right back looking for a takedown. Dirty boxing takes place along the outskirts of the cage. Daly gets Magana to the mat, throws some elbows from top position and maintains control. Daly tries to take Magana’s back but goes too far forward and falls over, winding up in side mount, throwing punches and slowly looking for an armbar. The referee reminds the pair to “stay busy,” which prompts a brief flurry of shots from Daly, who sinks in a rear-naked choke as the round comes to a close.

There will be a decisive third round.

The third and final round opens with Daly landing right and left punches in the center of the Octagon. Daly throws a kick, but it’s caught by Magana, who trips Daly to the mat. Daly moves quickly to take the back of Magana, sinking her hooks in and flattening Magana out. Daly postures up and throws shots to the sides of her opponent’s head. Magana doesn’t seem to have the energy to escape. Daly controls the left arm of Magana and starts dropping punches to Magana’s head. The referee gives one verbal warning before stepping in and stopping the fight via technical knockout.

After the fight, Magana is upset due to what she considers a poor referee stand-up that prevented her from securing an armbar. Nonetheless, Team Pettis now moves to 6-0.

The next matchup will feature Alex Chambers against Rose Namajunas in the seventh preliminary fight.

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